Monday, July 20, 2015

Beach Baptisms!

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing great! This week was a busy week! It was a little different since it was fiesta! Yes, fiesta. They go ALL out here! Everywhere you go there are decorations which are seriously so cool but it is also really busy and LOUD. The other thing too is it's only Catholics who celebrate fiesta so it was a great opportunity for us to be out and talk to people. I really love the people here so much! They are really the sweetest people in this world.

We had a great lesson with the Negado family this week. Sister Negado has been a member of the church for over 5 years now and she and 3 of her children are less-active, and one is a recent convert from September. We have been working with them and helping them to come to church and helping Sister Negado with encouraging her kids to come to church. We talked about families and about Nephi and his family. Sister Dumale and I also shared experiences we have had with our families and how our parents have blessed our lives and helped us to go to church and grow in the gospel. She really appreciated the things we shared and she opened up to us and we were able to help them and she really wants to be better at helping her children come to church and grow in the gospel.

We ended the week with the baptism of the Aguilay children! THEY WERE ADORABLE. All who were baptized looked so happy and it was a beautiful day outside to have the baptism at the beach! After the baptism we had our ward party! We ate TONS of food. I thought I knew what eating a ton of food was like but I'm 100% sure nobody eats more than the Filipinos do! Which is shocking because they are still so tiny!! Basta, we then played games which we, the missionaries, were in charge of and it was so much fun! I remembered the minute to win it game (Thanks Guy Fieri) with the tissue box tied around your waste and you have a minute to get the ping pong balls outside of the tissue box without using your hands and it was a hit! Everyone LOVED it! It was hilarious. We also did a sack race, limbo, egg toss, tug of war, and more! Again, SO FUN. Yes, I totally got sunburned even though I purposely made an effort to stand in the shade because my ward members always worry about me. But I am recovering and everyone just laughs because I tell them I'm just becoming more Filipina because I'll have darker skin, then they just laugh even harder when I still stay so white.

Church was great yesterday and I spoke in Sacrament meeting which was good. Everyone was so funny yesterday asking me how long I have been here in Carigara and I would reply almost 6 months and they just laugh and say you should just stay here until December! Or Carigara mission na la! They are so funny and they really are my family.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sending my love!
Sister Wilde
I love these kids!!

CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD. And she loves me!! I also tell her parents she can come to America with me but they want to keep her. They did give me permission to take their other daughter who is so crazy. I said no thanks and we just laughed!

Taking me back to my elementary school days!
I love Filipino food!

Taking pics in these little girl headbands.
I love these sisters!! Best kabalay ever.

We may or many not take lots of pictures. We just  have too much fun!

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