Saturday, September 27, 2014

The things I do...

Hey, Hey, family! I hope everyone is doing great because I sure am! I no longer have laryngitis! It did however turn into an Ear infection, but I'm on an antibiotic so that's good :) I always say this week was great and I'm going to say it again, this week was great! We had another apostle come! Say what?! Two weeks in a row?! I'm just so gosh darn lucky. It was M. Russell Ballard! It was an amazing talk! He didn't prepare anything, but said he wanted to talk to us missionaries like he was our Grandpa, so that was sweet. I can't wait for General Conference! It's going to be amazing as always! I'm so lucky that I get to be in the MTC for conference and the Ogden Temple Re-dedication. So awesome. 

I've never mentioned what Wednesdays are like here and that's lame because it's my favorite day ever!! We always have a ton of new missionaries come in and I remember being in their position and how nerve racking it was! My Kauban and I saw a Sister Missionary hugging her Dad goodbye and it was bittersweet because it reminded me of the goodbyes (more like see you later) we had. I actually had the opportunity to be a host 2 weeks ago for 2 new Sisters because, well I'm friends with the right people. (I learn from my Mom) IT WAS THE BEST! My Kauban and Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes came with me for this one sister so she had 4 hosts (that would be a little overwhelming but we were having fun) and we hadn't even been here that long. We're just telling here how great it is here and just being awesome hosts quite honestly. She then tells us she's going to Orlando Florida and just random things about herself. All 4 of us are just acting like we are MTC professionals and we're giving her advice (because we know so much from being here for almost 2 weeks. HA.) Then we ask her how old she was and she's all "I'm 27." Well. That's that. We all felt super dumb because looking back we treated her like a child. Oops. She looked 19! So all of us are just silent so I finally say, "Well you are going to age really well!" WHAT?! I'm so dumb. She didn't say hi to us while she was here but now she's gone and I'm sure she'll never forget about Sister Wilde's "compliment" and her other 3 hosts. Basta, I get to be a host again next Wednesday and WE GET OUR ITINERARY. We are so excited!!!!!! (I hope I see you Dad) 

We teach everyday here and we have two "investigators" (our teachers-Brother Wilkes who is my favorite teacher in the world, he served in Tacloban, and Sister Whitehead who is just so sweet and funny!) Basta, Brother Wilkes is Adolf and my Kauban and I decided that we were going to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ (gutsy considering we're limited in our Cebuano skills) but we put our lesson together and trusted in the Lord! We "went to his house" and started to teach and immediately the spirit was so strong! We then asked if he would be baptized and he said YES! He wants us to keep teaching him so that way he can be baptized! Also an investigator has to attend Sacrament 4 times before he can be baptized.  It was the best feeling in the world! And he's our teacher! I can't wait until I have an experience like that in the Philippines!! 

I've mentioned before that the MTC food is gross (it still is, and always will be.) but I would like to inform all of you I have found a favorite meal. Broccoli and Cheese soup, it is unreal! It's like Christmas when they have it, which is often because they rotate meals. That was just a random thing that I thought I should inform you about.

Oh man funny story!! So today, yes today, my Kauban and I got our hair cut! (It's looks fantastic BTW. I took off an inch) and so we needed to go back home and shower. We shower and I finish first and head back to our room because Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes were there. I go to open the door, because it is ALWAYS unlocked, but for some reason it was locked. Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes decided to leave! I'm in my robe and garments, and I'm thinking obviously Sister Harper has a key because she is responsible. I tell her the door is locked and that the Sisters are gone and she's all, "Well this is great we are locked out! I left my key in there too!" Awesome. We're standing out in the hall in our bath robes and garments with wet hair and no key to our room. We have no idea where the other Sisters are and NOBODY is in the residence hall. Then 15 minutes later our "neighbors" (the ones we love) came up and I told them the situation and they were laughing super hard. I would be too because we look stupid. Basta, they went to the front desk and got us a key and we got in and all is well! Too funny. 

I love you all so much! I hope you all had a good week! If any of you did the challenges I gave last week let me know! I'd love to hear how it went :) 

Sister Wilde

Elder Hansen!!! I thought he was going to do a thumbs up too, but oh well!
My Kauban and I on our temple walk.
Here we are in class with Elder Toani and Elder Fonua.

Random 1/2 of our District picture. Elder Neilsen, Elder Means, Elder Toani, Elder Fonua, and the SISTERS!!

Look how cute my closet door is! Makes me happy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

The work doesn't stop just because you're sick.

Kamusta Pamilyia!

This week has been both a crazy and exciting one! I actually got sick on Sunday night and ended up at the doctors Tuesday just to find out that I had a virus. Ew! So many people at the MTC are sick. Everything I ate came right back out. I'll spare you the details! I was feeling better Wednesday,  besides my throat. Come to find out I have laryngitis. Nice. It's hasn't been fun being sick, but the Lord has blessed me to continue to work and do what He needs me to do! Like teach our investigators! :) I also was able to receive a blessing from our zone leaders, Elder Culliard and Elder Wardle. They asked my companion and Sister Hayes during lunch if I needed a blessing (I was in our room with Sister Larsen) and when they came back and told me about it I thought it was so nice of them to offer, and decided it would be good. It was a great blessing and it really helped. :)

We actually lost 2 districts yesterday. They are now in the Philippines! Crazy! It was sad to say goodbye because we all had grown so close together. I mean, Elder Culliard and Elder Wardle were the ones who talked to my Mom on the curb while I was getting dropped off! I'm so excited for them and everyone else who left! They will all be amazing! Also my comp and I are now online coordinators. Never heard of it? Same here. It's a new thing they want us to start up! So that's cool I guess! And Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen are the new Sister training leaders! Our old District Leader is now the Zone Leader with his comp, and that's why Elder Neilsen is our District Leader now.

On Tuesday Richard G. Scott came for the devotional! It was AMAZING. I remember Dad telling me when an apostle came while he was here in the MTC. He told me the spirit was so strong as every missionary stood when he walks in, he is so right! It was incredible! I've been going to the MTC choir (same with my kauban and Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen) and so Tuesday when we sang it was broadcast to all of the MTCs around the world! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! So some of my friends in the other MTCs saw me while I sang in the choir! Pretty neat. Elder Scott talked about the Power of Prayer and Missionary work. I'll share some things he said that really meant a lot to me. The first thing he said was, "You all have the opportunity to study the gospel 24 hours a day. Do not take it for granted! It is a blessing." I've thought a lot about that and realized how lucky I am to be able to study the gospel all day! And looking back, I've never gotten sick of it and I never will! I also look back to before I came here and wish I would have taken more time to study my scriptures, Preach My Gospel, or General Conference talks. I challenge all of you to put aside 15 minutes (30 is even better :)) to study the gospel! You will be blessed, I know it! He also said that Prayer is a sacred gift. I've prayed so much in the last 3 weeks it’s crazy! I pray when I wake up, when I go to bed, with my companion before lessons and before study, and before every meal! I think we all get in a routine prayer (I know I've done so) and I've realized how important it is to sincerely pray. Every night we have quiet time from 10:15-10:30 and I knelt down at 10:15 and started to pray. Even though the other sisters in my room and many other missionaries and people all around the world were also praying at the same time, I knew Heavenly Father was listening to me, and I could feel his love and comfort. The next thing I knew I looked at my clock and it was 10:31! I prayed for 16 minutes and it felt like 5! So challenge number two...sometime this week just go somewhere quiet and pour out your heart to our Heavenly Father, He wants you to! 

So this next story is the highlight of my week. It makes me cry! It's about Elder Fonua and Elder Toani. I've talked about them before. They never receive any mail, and when they do it's from the doctor or the dentist. Elder Fonua hasn't heard from anyone in his family over email and Elder Toani has only heard from his older brother because they are the only members of the church. Well the Sisters and I decided to put a package together for them. We have so many treats (Thank you mom!) and Sister Hayes mom sent us 6 ties. We put a package together with the ties and treats and wrote them each a letter. We had Sister Harper write the letters because she can disguise her handwriting! We told our District Leader Elder Nielsen to take it to their room and not say a word about what it is or who it's from. (that was after lunch) We continued throughout the day and then that night as we were going to start class, they walked in holding the letters! All 4 of us immediately started smiling, but had to hide it! They kept pulling it out during class and reading it over and over again. Elder Fonua then had everyone write on the board because he needed to see our handwriting to know who did this! The only people that knew about this were us and Elder Neilsen and Elder Means. Everyone asked why and they told us the story. I'm going to use his words. You need to imagine a thick Tongan accent and broken English because it makes it so much better :) "We walked into our room and we saw a box with our names on it! It was so beautiful! (It's only a brown box with colored envelopes on top) Elder Toani wanted to open it but I said no! It might be something weird. We don't know where it came from! So then we waited for 10 minutes. I then decided we should open it. We did and it was even more beautiful inside! It had 6 ties! Very nice beautiful ties! (Honestly, they're not beautiful) And many candies! It is a blessing. I have never received a gift like this before. (Elder Toani said the same) We really want to find out who did this for us and give them a big hug because no one has ever done something so nice for me or my companion before." Is that not the sweetest thing?? He proceeded to tell us that they are going to pray tonight and thank Heavenly Father for the people that send them the package. When we went home that night we just cried because of how kalipay (happy) it made them and us! They are even wearing one of the ties today :) (Mom-I can't even imagine how happy the sisters in the Philippines will be when they get the Christmas packages you sent out!!) 

I hope everyone is doing well! I only have 28 days left here in the MTC then I'm off to the Philippines! Time is flying by and I am loving every minute of it!

Gihiguma ta ka!! (I love you!)
Sister Wilde

p.s. There is a really good chance the MTC choir will sing in conference so look for me :) I'll let you know for sure next week!!

My kauban and I testing out the new camera.

This picture was taken on Sunday 9/14/14

Elder Wardle, Elder Culliard, Me, Sister Hayes, Sister Larsen, Sister Harper. We are doing the "L" hands. It is what the Filipinos do! It means handsome!

I love these girls! We have so much fun together!!

Sister Larsen and I had to go and get medicine from the BYU health store. So this is us showing our excitement because we are outside of the MTC walls!

We LOVE the Friday package! You rock Mom!! I think we're pretty cute pirates!

This picture makes me laugh!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wow! It's been a week!

Hello pamilya! Wow it has been quite a week! I'll start by telling you about my district first because they're the best! :)

Obviously it's my companion and I, and we rock. ;) Then the other 2 sisters, Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen. We all get along so well! We have a blast! So it's us 4 sisters then 8 elders! Elder Wayne is our district leader and his companion is Elder Davis. They're great! Then there is Elder Neilsen and Elder Means. They are HILARIOUS! Elder Neilsen quotes movies all the time and I always get the right movie. Then there is Elder Germaine (Carter, he is white. Not black.) and his companion is Elder Ray. Elder Germaine is so loud. He's hilarious. We literally didn't know what Elder Rays voice sounded like until Monday. No joke. But he's opening up now :) Elder Funoa and Elder Toani are easily the coolest Elders ever. They are so spiritual and it's so fun to "celebrate" american things with them. (Like seeing Elder Toani's face as he eats pizza for the first time ever! WHAT?!) So that's my district :)

Saturday: My companion and I taught our first lesson in Cebuano! I was so nervous! We went in and we taught Jaime (that's our "investigator") about prayer and how to pray. It went so well! We walked out and just hugged each other and said a pray of thanks. We were the last ones to go and we were so scared because everyone except for Elder Funoa and Toani said it was terrible.
Sunday: We had sacrament at 8:15, (now it's 8:30) then had mission conference!I It was the best! I loved every minute of it! It was awesome to see all the new missionaries and see where they're from! 

Monday: We taught Jaime again! We decided to teach about families. We were nervous again but we said a prayer and went in! Prior to this I had the idea for my companion and I to bring a picture of our families. When I pulled mine out and showed it to him I started to say how important they are to me and how much I love them and how grateful I am that I get to be with them forever and I started to cry! So as you can imagine, I already sound not very good speaking Cebuano and when I'm close to crying, it sounds worse. I felt bad for Jaime! Then I looked and my companion and she was crying! (crying=tears in our eyes, only like 1 or 2 down our cheeks) I then bore my testimony and closed the lesson. We asked him to pray and in his prayer he thanked Heavenly father for sending the Sisters to him, and blessed us and our families. He expressed to us how much that meant to him. SO AWESOME. 

Tuesday: We taught again! (We do eat and study.) And we taught the Restoration. It was fantastic. At this point, we are beginning to understand what he is saying. Well, some of it. Before if we didn't understand I'd just say oo!. (Yes) and then kept going because I well I don't know. Basta (anyway) it worked ;) Then Tuesday we have a devotional! There was a rumor going around saying an apostle was coming! We were convinced because some Elders and Sisters say Uchtdorf! Turns out the first presidency and all of the apostles were at BYU. But, we heard from a member of the seventy and it was great! :) 

Wednesday: We taught Jaime about the Book of Mormon and that went good too! We challenged him to read 2 Nephi 31 so that way on Thursday we could talk about baptism and ask him to be baptized! 

Thursday: We get to class and we're so excited to teach Jaime but we walk in and he's in our class! Speaking English! I thought I was in a dream! By the way, Jaime is SO CUTE. Seriously. All of us sisters just adore him. He's now one of our teachers and we really learn a lot from him. He's so spiritual! I promise it's not just because he's so attractive, even though that helps ;) Mom- Facebook stalk him then dear elder us the details! Us sisters need and want to know! Taylor McBride is his name!

And now it's Friday! We went and did a session at the Temple this morning and it was just great :) We did a session as a District. Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes couldn't come because Sister Larsen has a kidney stone! Yikes! Good thing it was small! The Elders gave her a blessing. It's amazing to see. We are all just a big family and the Elders are so good to us Sisters! Oh, earlier in the week our district was getting frustrated with the language and so our teacher Brother Wilkes (He's the bomb! And he served in Tacloban!) challenged us to read Alma 8! If you have time, read it! :)

Back row: Elder Davis, Elder Wayne, Elder Ray, Elder Germaine, Elder Neilsen, Elder Means, Elder Toani, Elder Funoa 
Front row: Sister Hayes, Sister Larsen, Sister Wilde, Sister Harper

Quick funny story:
Our district always eats lunch at the same table and it was my Companion and I, Elder Funoa and Elder Toani, waiting for everyone else to come sit. Well Elder Toani always tells us stories about where he lives (kinibist) like spear fishing! His English isn't that great but we can understand him pretty good! Anyways, I asked them what they missed most besides family and they said I had to answer first so I said okay...Diet coke. (This was the day before you sent me one!! Which I loved. And wouldn't mind another one.) And Elder Funoa said, "What?! You drink that?! That has caffeine!" So I explained to him that we can have caffeine and he said in Tonga he drank a coke and loved it but then had to talk to his bishop because he got in trouble for it. So the fact that I drank it appalled him! Then when I got one the next day and I told him, he didn't believe me so I showed him and he just said while laughing, "You are a sneaky Sister, you know that? And addicted to coke." Basta, I thought it was pretty funny :)

I love you all loads!!! Have a great week! 

Sister Wilde 
My new favorite thing! I love wearing my name tag. I don't feel complete without it.

Cebuano CTR rings!
I love getting packages!

Birthday cake from The Chocolate!! I loved it!
My tiny closet.
Look Mom, I'm wearing my new necklace. Thank you! I love it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cebuano (simple) Testimony

We received a letter from our favorite missionary on Monday.  In her letter she told us that she would be sending us her testimony in Cebuano very soon. So it was a pleasant surprise to find another letter from her today when we opened the mailbox. Just like she promised, she sent her testimony in Cebuano. 

Cebuano (simple) Testimony
Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang ebanghelyo. Nasayud ko nga Tinuod ang Basahon hi Mormon. Nasayud ko nga propeta si Thomas S. Monson. Nasayud ko mga Manluluwas si Jesukristo. Nasayud ko nga gihigugma kita su Dios nga nakaila ang Dios kanato. Sa ngalan ni Jesukristo, amen.

I know that the gospel is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that God loves us and that He knows us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
                                           ~Sister Wilde

Friday, September 5, 2014

First email from the MTC

Why hello family!

Kamusta Ka?! (How are you?!) I have so much to tell you in such a short time! So after I said goodbye to you all I followed my host around and it felt like a maze! I got all of my supplies in Cebuano, which feels like it's 100 pounds, and went up to my room! When I got there the room was empty except for the luggage. My host told me I was the last to arrive. She then led me to my classroom. I walk in and every seat is filled except for one, and the next thing I know the teacher is speaking to me in Cebuano. So I'm like well this is great, I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO ME! But I just followed his hand motions which led me to a room with computers and I had to watch an orientation thing on the Gym rules. It kept saying I can't jog with an Elder. Okay....I don't like jogging, and I wouldn't want to jog with a random elder anyway. So I finish that and then head back to class right when it's over, nice.

At this point I still have NO clue who my companion is! Then I found Sister Brereton! woot woot! and we head to a building for a meeting with all the new missionaries who just arrived. We hear from the MTC presidency and it was great! We got to see where other missionaries had come from (there are a TON of Samoans, Tongans, and Australians in my zone/district. They rock.) and we sang called to serve and Army of Helaman. Instead of singing we will be the Lords missionaries, it is we are now the Lords missionaries and BAM THE SPIRIT.

Seriously, the spirit is so strong here! I LOVE IT! Then I looked at a little packet they gave me during the meeting and it had my companions name on it. I'm nervous about not knowing who it is because they keep talking about being with your companion and I'm over here like yeah that's awesome...don't have one yet. Then I get the impression to look 4 rows in front of me and I see a sister with brown hair and I just knew it had to be my companion. Sure enough she looked back right at me and I mouthed "Are you Jocelyn?" and she said YES! We met after the meeting and she is the sweetest. We get along so well!I (It's Sister Harper by the way) and she's from Idaho! She turned down a ton of scholarship offers for volleyball (Shes 6') to be here and she's amazing. Her birthday is on Tuesday! She'll be 21! I am blessed to have such a great ka-uban! (Companion)

The first night was tugnaw (cold) because our room was set to -4. So not the best night of sleep. Also some Elders in my Zone got bedbugs so pray I don't get those) It's very busy here in the MTC all the time! I finally got time to shower yesterday and it felt amazing. We share a room with 2 other sisters, Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen. They are the best too! We all just get along great! We help each other with Cebuano (I'm teaching my first lesson in Cebuano tomorrow!) and we have fun! We might get 2 other sisters over the next few Wednesdays, but we sorta hope not because we use their space and it's still a bit crowded. But I guess the more the merrier!

Cebuano is very interesting. I missed the first day of class because of the lame orientation I had to do, but my first class was yesterday and it was good! Sister Whitehead is our teacher. I CAN PRAY IN CEBUANO! (I kinda have to cheat and look at my book sometimes) I just keep telling myself Kaya mo! (You can do it!!)

We had a meeting with our branch that went way over last night. We didn't get back to our rooms until 10:15 and we're supposed to be there at 9:30 (That's when our classes end) it was pretty good! President Pierce is kinda weird but really nice. His wife is such a sweetie! She comes and gives us hugs at night and it's really sweet. I have seen many Elders that I know! Elder Richardson, Elder Godfrey, Elder Chudleigh, and Elder Carter (He is in Granny and Poppy's ward) I've be able to talk to them all for a little bit :) I've made many friends here! In all honesty I LOVE IT HERE. I really do! I do feel like I've been here for 3 weeks but oh well.

One of my zone leaders, Elder Cullard had Aunt Ann as a teacher! He loved her! So he's always looking out for my ka-uban and I ;) (Thanks Aunt Ann!)

I hope Tate rocked his football game! I can't wait to hear about it! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL! Don't worry about me!!

Sister Wilde