Monday, July 27, 2015

Families Can Be Together Forever

Hello Family and Friends! Kamusta kamo bug-os?! Grabe gusto ko mag waray-waray pero dire pwede. Sayang. Basta, this week has been a good one. Sister Dumale and I had a unique experience, got through my 2 days of fever and chills, and got to go on exchanges this week with our lovely STL's.

Our STL's are Sister Allen and Sister Papasin. All 4 of us worked in Carigara and I got to be with Sister Allen! Sister Allen is from Ogden, Utah and goes home in December! Having two Americans walk down the streets speaking waray waray was the best. The looks on people’s faces were priceless. It was a fun experience :)

On Thursday I kept getting a fever and really bad headaches. I was wrapped in big blankets (also over my head) with my fever of 104.3 when Sister Malu said, "Wow. This is like 17 miracles." We all agreed as I said previously that it felt like I was laying in a pile of snow. 17 miracles is our favorite movie right now and we all think we're pretty funny when we quote it. And it's even funnier when we translate it into waray waray. That was Sister Dumales idea and it made Sister Laniton and Sister Malu laugh so hard they had tears streaming down their cheeks.

Friday we had Zone Interviews with President Maurer! We have an interview with President Maurer every 3 months and I felt like just a month ago we had interviews but man time just flies! I had a great interview with him and a check-up with Sister Maurer. I'm healthy! I know it didn't sound like it earlier but I really am :)

Our investigator. Wait, our GOLDEN investigator Jemily passed her baptismal interview on Sunday and she was so happy and is so ready! We knew she would pass :) She shared her testimony to us Saturday night and expressed how she remembers the feeling she had the first time we taught her and how she just felt good. And that same feeling came again when she prayed to know if our message was true. She is truly amazing and is a future Sister Missionary :) 

Now to our unique experience Sister Dumale and I had this week...On Saturday our first appointment was at the Orsal family and when we got there it was only Sister Orsal. We started talking to her and she asked us if it was true that the Mendoza’s baby had died. Sister Mendoza had a sweet baby boy 5 months ago and he has been having some problems with his stomach so he is REALLY tiny and has been in and out of the hospital but doing better. Well we hadn't heard anything and so we decided we would go check on them. Sister Orsal told us to come back later so we could teach her and Brother Orsal together so we decided then to go to the Mendoza’s. When we got there I was the first to walk up to the door. Sister Mendoza saw me and immediately motioned for me to walk in and as I walked to her in the back room she was sitting on the floor with her baby boy laying still in front of her. If he wouldn't have been so white and she wouldn't have had tears in her eyes, I would have thought he was alive. I sat down next to her on the floor with my arms around her and just let her cry. I said a prayer in my heart to help me know what to say and do. As we sat with her on the floor for about 15 minutes of on and off silence, she said to us, "Will you Sisters share?" I told her of course but not knowing what we would share. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and I just lost it. All of us did. Looking at this sweet baby boy and just feeling Heavenly Fathers love for this sweet family is indescribable. We prayed and after the prayer I remembered a missionary telling me that if you ever have doubt on what to teach, you can always go back to the Restoration. And that's what we did. We talked about how through the gospel our families can find happiness and peace even in times of trial. On Sunday morning Sister Mendoza and I walked together with our arms around each other to the place where their perfect and precious baby boy would be placed. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of this gospel and how it brings such great comfort knowing that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for each and every one of us.

I love you all! Paghinay permi!

Feeling happy to be eating a DUNKIN' DONUT. Yes, they have that in Tacloban. Notice our matching shirts? (Don't make fun of them.) Sister Malu is absent from this photo because she is grabbing a donut to eat. Haha
Just so you all know this is not Sprite. It is filled with water. Also no making fun of my tan line!

I love this girl!
I love the Sisters I serve with!!!

I remembered Mom talking about Mars bars and I finally got to try one!! Thanks to Australia :)

Sister Allen and I!

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