Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Hello Family!

Rain, rain, and more rain!! I mean it! It rains a ton here in the Philippines, but this week it has been especially rainy! We are always soaked!! I'm on my 3rd umbrella too! My first one broke from a storm, I gave away my 2nd one, and my 3rd one is good so we'll see how long it lasts ;)

We are also experiencing many changes with new rules and transfers! Sister Skey and I will be together this transfer because I'm training, which we are both happy about :) Sister Anderson left us yesterday to return home to SLC and many tears were shed, but we are so happy for her. Since she is gone Sister Groshe is in our companionship so we are back to a tri-some again! Perfect combination-the samoan, the filipina, and the americana. We'll be together until Friday when Sister Groshe gets her new companion.

As you all know the Gibiana children were going to be baptized on December 13th, but with the new rule they have to go to church for 4-6 months before being baptized. It's a rule for all minors who have no family members that are members. We are so sad, but know that they will be baptized next year even though we will be gone :( We still teach them and help them so that when the next missionaries come in they will take good care of them :)

Our investigator Sister Lyka came to church yesterday for the first time with her husband (less-active) and their baby. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw them walk in because we have been praying so hard for them to come to church, and our prayers were answered. It took a few weeks but that's okay. They came and they enjoyed it! We will be having FHE with them tonight and we are excited! They aren't married and in order for her to be baptized they need to get married and so we are working with them to be married this month :) :) I LOVE THEM AND CAN'T WAIT.

I had a cool experience this week as Sister Skey and I went to the Candy shop. We love the candy shop. This guy came up to me and in perfect english asked me if I was a missionary. I got all excited and said "Yes I am! I'm Sister Wilde and this is my companion Sister Skey." We continued with small talk about where we are from and come to find out he teaches english online to people in Japan. Cool! He then said to me, “I've been afraid to ask, but you are so nice and I'm overcoming my fear, how do I apply to be a mormon?" YES! I told him I would get some missionaries to visit him because he isn't in our area so we can't :( But we got his number and we texted him inviting him to church and he asked what he should wear and he came and LOVED it. He calls me Sister Olivia Wilde. Haha get it? Basta, I love when people approach us and ask what our purpose is. It's the best and we love telling them about our “job” :) It happened again a few days later while out to lunch. A lady come over and said, “I am just enchanted with your beauty, and I want to know what a beautiful girl like you is doing here in the Philippines?" Sister Skey and I laughed and told her what we do as missionaries, and she does the same for her church. She was open to hear about our church though and was a sweetheart. As she was leaving she asked me if I had a boyfriend, and wanted me to go out with her nephew. I was trying to explain to her that that obviously isn't allowed but she kept interrupting me saying it would be perfect. She left and Sister Skey and I laughed for a good 10 minutes.

The people in my ward told me my waray waray is getting better so that's good! I'm not all the way there yet, but I can understand it 80% of the time! :) I love being a missionary and I can't believe that it's December already!! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the snow. I'm not sad I'm missing out on it ;) Sending my love!!

Sister Wilde

I offered to help brother Sarmiento chop wood and I was horrible. Haha we just laughed and so this is me and him holding my best piece of wood. Also, when I looked up there was a huge group of people watching me so that was hilarious. I said I was Diri Mauphay (not good) and they all laughed!!
Floods are FUN!

I LOVE these kids!!
I love these girlies!
I love all the people I've met and the friendships we have!
Sister Clerigo is in my batch and she's just so fun!
This puppy looks fake, but it is real and I love it! It reminds me of Gracie :) (Get her hair cut before I SKYPE on Christmas)
 Working with the ward missionaries who are the best!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am Thankful for...

Hello Family!

Sadly, I didn't even remember it was Thanksgiving this week! But even though they don’t celebrate it here, I wanted to name a few things I'm thankful for :)

-For my family of course! I'm so thankful for the love and support I receive, and I really can feel all of your love while here in the Philippines!

-For the Aspen 11th ward! I'm thankful for all of the leaders that I had growing up that helped me grow in the gospel!

-My current ward, the Catarman 1st ward! They are amazing people! They have welcomed me with open arms, and are patient with my poor waray waray.

-My sweet companion Sister Skey! She has taught me so much, and we have so much fun together! I'm blessed to have her as my trainer!

-The people in Catarman! I love them with all my heart. They are so kind and giving. Even though they don't have much, they are always wanting to feed Sister Skey and I, or give us something nice that they have. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how blessed we are back at home!

-I'm thankful for all of the tender mercies I've received here on my mission. Heavenly Father has helped me so much and I'm just so thankful.

-I'm thankful for Jesus Christ. For the perfect example He is, and for the sacrifice He made for us all. Because of His sacrifice, we all have the opportunity to repent everyday and become better people.
This week was a little bit hard because I was sick for 2 days :( It's no fun being sick in general, but on a mission it's the worst! It's no fun having to sit inside and rest knowing there are people you could be teaching!

Sister Skey and I were still able to have 12 lessons this week which is good! One of our lessons this week was the Law of Chastity with our Investigator Sister Lycah! She was really receptive and understood. At the closing of our lesson she prayed that someday her and her husband may be married and sealed in the temple. It really made our day! :) We've been really focusing on our investigator Gina and her 4 kids. (1 girl and 3 boys) The oldest is 14 and the youngest is 9. They are planning on being baptized December 13th, and we couldn't be happier :) We are having FHE with them tonight and it will be great! Gina also reads the Book of Mormon like crazy!! It's the best! She always has questions, and the spirit is always so strong as we read the Book of Mormon with her and help her understand it better. I gave her some of my scripture markers, and she loves them because she can now mark her favorite scriptures :) Sister Skey and I also bought 2 skirts so that her and her daughter have a skirt to wear to church :)

We also went to teach out investigator Daisy who is also planning to be baptized December 13th. There is a guy that works for them who isn't a member. He isn't interested at all, but really likes us. So he opens the gate to let us in and of course our feet were muddy because it had be raining like crazy, and that results in walking through mud and water up to our ankles. We ask him if we can use their water pump before we go inside, because they have a nice home, and he says of course and takes us to the pump and starts to wash my feet. Yes, wash my feet. Hahaha. I started to laugh and so did Sister Skey. Then thinking he'd wash her feet next, but he didn't. Sad day. We joke now that it's unfair she didn't get her feet washed.

 Also, this week Sister Skey was saying it was hard for her to read her scriptures so I made her go to an eye doctor, and it turns out she needed glasses! We picked some out and they are adorable! She also thinks that mint oreos taste like toothpaste! Yes- I got the greenie package and LOVED it!! Thank you so much!! I love having a companion that has never had fruit snacks, oreos, or club crackers :) So fun!

I hope you all have a great week! Sending my love from the Philippines :)

Sister Wilde

PS We had 8 investigators at church on Sunday!!! AMAZING!

My lunch that Sister Anderson made me while I was sick.

She also made me some chocolate rice! It looks so gross! But it was good! She taught me how to make it that night since I was feeling a little better from staying in.
Here we are! Me and Sister Anderson with our chocolate rice.

Eating our chocolate rice! Beverly and Evermaee are sisters, and they aren't in our ward, but they are in Sister Anderson and Sister Groshe's ward. We have become close friends :) Don't mind how gross I look, sakit ak.
Best Day Ever! I had just walked in the door, and I am all sweaty and tired from working, and Sister Anderson was too excited so she grabs my camera out of my bag and takes a picture. She is hilarious!

So excited about my first packages!!

Right after Sister Skey got glasses!

Riding home in a petty cab! And this is us everyday. The struggle is real! I always say, "Pasensya, Dako ako." (sorry I'm big) to the petty cab drivers! They laugh and love driving us. We don't even have to tell them where to go because they know where the Mormon church is!

A recent convert Alfie always drives us home in his petty cab at the end of the day!

Gelaine and Meresol. They are in my ward.

I love these girls!

My amazing kaupod and I!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miracles Happen....AND my pictures were recovered!

This week rocked. I'll tell you all about it :)

Monday: We had FHE with the Sarmientos and it was great as always! I just love them! They asked me if their picture was in America and I told them of course and they got all excited. So funny!

Tuesday: We had exchanges and I LEAD THE AREA. Ah! I was so scared!! I was going to take Sister Rodrigo around our area and everything. And I did it! I didn't get lost! Miracles happen! I prayed so much that I would be able to remember my way around our area so that we could get to our appointments, and my prayers were answered. Sister Rodrigo was awesome too so that was really fun.

Wednesday: I had my first Zone Training meeting. It was really good! I loved seeing everyone in our zone, especially the ones in my batch :) I got called up to do a memorized it was a good thing that the night before I memorized one in Doctrine and Covenants. And Sister Skey got called up to give her Testimony. It was really good. She started to talk about being a trainer and how hard it is (so I was a little nervous about what was to come next) and as she continued she started to cry and said that I was so nervous to lead the area yesterday but that she is so proud of me. It was so sweet. Everyone in the zone thinks we are the best companionship. We don't deny it ;)

Thursday: We had 10 OYMs! OYM is Open Your Mouth! It's talking to random people and leaving a short message and/or inviting them to church. Sister Skey and I really wanted to improve on this so 10 was so good for us and we were so happy!

Friday: We had 4 lessons and 20 OYM’s. What?! That is the life I'm telling all of you! So awesome! We were on a roll! And we got 2 new investigators out of it! We were so excited! Heavenly Father has helped us so much this week as we've been going out of our comfort zone because I'm not good with the language quite yet, and Sister Skey is shy, but we've made an effort and Heavenly Father has blessed us. Kind of a funny story: We went to teach one of our investigators Lycah, and the lesson plan was the Law of Chastity. Sister Skey was really nervous for this and I told her it'll be fine. So we sit down talk, have an opening hymn and prayer and Sister Skey pulls out the Word of Wisdom pamphlet and starts teaching the Word of Wisdom. Hahaha I just went with it and after we left she looked at me and said, "I was too nervous to do it Sister Wilde! Next time I promise! At least she'll keep the word of wisdom." I love her!

Saturday: We had 3 lessons and another 20 OYM’s! So that was so awesome! Just another great day in the mission :)

Sunday: We had 3 investigators and 2 Less Actives at church! Yes! The best Sunday for us yet! We also have 3 investigators with baptismal dates on December 13th we are so excited :) If things continue going well and they continue to progress it'll be Sister Skeys first baptism(s) in the mission field as well as mine :) I love being a missionary!! I know I say that often but I couldn't say it enough! I'm so blessed!

Love you all,
Sister Wilde

Another miracle, my pictures were recovered!!! So here I am!

The glow in the dark sunglasses were AWESOME!! Haha

Celebrating Loriel's Birthday!!

FHE with Sister Salvacion! (This is last week) We had her family, some ward missionaries, and the 2nd counselor in the bishopric there! He's the one on the far left in the orange shirt.

Rick (who leaves on his mission in Janurary) baptized all 3 of them.

Loriel's baptism!

We had too much fun being companions!

The Philippinas and the Americana!

This is Beverly! She's in a different ward, but we have become friends, and she's hilarious!

I love our ward missionaries!

Brother Index (1st counselor in the bishopric. He rocks!) Then Rick and Pablo. They both have mission calls! Pablo is going to Australia, so he teaches me Waray Waray, and I teach him English. He's good. And Rick is going to another place in the Philippines. I don't remember the name, but it's actually where Sister Rodrigo is from.

When I was companions with Sister Rodrigo

Celebrating Sister Anderson's 25th Birthday!
Catarman Zone!

Sister De Leon is so tiny! I love her to death!

My batch that's in my zone! I can't wait to see the rest in January!
I love how exotic it is here!

Giant Banana leaf!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I love Catarman!

What a week! I love it here in Catarman! I have made so many good friends and my ward is amazing! I love our investigators, and I love my companion!

Last Monday night we did FHE with Sister Salvacion and her family. It was so much fun! We talked about enduring to the end and it went great :) We are however experiencing some problems with Sister Salvacion, but we aren't giving up because I know she has the potential to be baptized, and to be an amazing addition to the Catarman 1st ward. One of her sons is a member, and the other 2 are starting to listen to our message as well. I love them and have faith in them!

One of our Less Actives Lilia, has officially returned to the church, and I adore her! She is such a sweetheart. Her son Jeo (age 16) isn't a member and we were teaching him, but we felt that he would relate better to the Elders so the Elders are now teaching him and he's progressing!! He makes sure to come and say hi to us every Sunday :)

One of the Sarmientos boys, Loriel turned 8 this week. So we took over food and a cake and celebrated with them, and Sister Sarmiento just hugged me and started to cry and told me she loved me and that I'm really improving on my waray waray. She's so sweet! I love that family so much and I can't wait to attend Loriel’s baptism! :)

Sister Rodrigo joined our companionship this week! It's been a BLAST. I love her! She's only with us until Wednesday and  then she will get a new branch missionary as her companion. We were walking through a village yesterday and there were some mean dogs barking and coming towards us. I remembered the trick Dad and Brother Dallin told me about pretending to pick up a rock so I did it and they ran away so fast! Sister Skey was so impressed! Haha she does it all the time now even when dogs aren't bothering us. I told her she can only do it when they're barking at us and coming towards us. She's so funny.

Sister Skey is always asking what America is like. She can't believe that we don't eat rice every day. She is too funny! The mosquitoes here are nuts. I use spray everyday and I still get bites! I have 71. I'm not even kidding. So it's painful, but I can handle it!

We picked up 4 new investigators so next week I'll make sure to let you know how it goes :) And waray waray is coming along....slowly but surely. I understand it better than I can speak it! I just need to keep being patient and keep doing my best!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Wilde

*Justine found out during her email tonight just how awesome the internet cafe's can be there in the Philippines. All of her pictures were wiped out! Her comment to us through email was-It wiped out all of my pictures. I am literally crying. I'm so sorry. I really don't like this computer place. I have to go though now. I love you and Dad a ton. I hope you have a great week. Tell the boys I love them too.

So sad, but hopefully she will get some more pics to send to us next week, and use a different computer place!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things I learned this week.

Things I learned this week:

- Fans are my new favorite thing.
- Centipedes here are 5-6 inches long. (We had one in our room last night)
- I can now make mango graham cake
- I love Banana Loaf
- Filipinos assume you're on a diet if you don't eat the HUGE portion they give you or if you don't have seconds
- I can bear my testimony in Waray Waray (I even did it on Sunday in Sacrament)
- Balut is not good
- My companion is terrified of Frogs (It's hilarious)
- Filipinos are so blunt and honest (Also hilarious)
So this week was great! I love it here, so much. And the people are amazing. I'm so blessed to have Catarman as my first area! I've made so many friends in the ward, and I love our investigators! I also committed a cute girl to baptism when I was on exchanges with Sister Anderson. I was so nervous, but I followed the spirit and she's going to be baptized on November 22nd :) We also had two of our investigators attend church on Sunday which is literally the best feeling ever. We were so happy.

I've really tried to be aware of the spirit so that I may be guided as to what I need to say when we are teaching. We were teaching Sister Salvacion this last week and were talking about temple ordinances. Her husband passed away 12 years ago so this was going to be great for her to know. We were teaching her and I started to talk about Temple sealing in my broken up waray waray, and I felt impressed to talk about the story of our family. I have a picture of us in my scriptures with me always so I pulled it out and began to tell her. I told her it's because of the Temple that my family gets to be together forever, and that I'm so blessed to have my amazing Dad in my life. It brought tears to her eyes as it did mine, and the spirit was so strong. It was a great lesson and I'm thankful for the spirit that was there. We taught her again a few days later and talked about baptism. She is a Catholic and she doesn't understand that her baptism isn't valid. We shared 3 Nephi 11 with here and gave her 2 Nephi 31 as a reading assignment. I also talked about Grandma Worthington and her story (cause she rocks) and I really think when we see her tonight things will go well :)

So....balut. What a gross thing. I thought I was going to throw up, BUT, I didn't. Score! One of my Zone leaders Elder Harvey starting chanting for me to eat it, and Elder Morley bought it for me so I had to! I can now say that I did it and I will never do it again!

I love this work! I love being a missionary! I love you all!

Sister Wilde

Laundry, I'm pro!

Trying on Sister Groshes dresses from Samoa!

These turkeys live by us, and my companion loves them.

The Sarmiento family! Who I dearly love! I told you about them last week.

She's so cute!!

I love this little girl!

Have I mentioned that I love the kids!

My first halo halo (mix it up-it has random things with ice-cream, like corn and stuff) I didn't like it.

Sister Merisol! I love her! She served a mission in the Philippines (can't remember where) and she's been home since 2012. She comes to appointments with us.

Us with chickens

Just having fun!

A soup that my companion Sister Skey cooked for me! It was good!

Walking through the rain.

At the beach

Some cute little boys we saw that wanted us to take a picture of them.

Cute girls I taught with Sister Anderson. The one on my right is the one who I committed to baptism!

Elder Morley showing me how to eat it.

I'm just trying not to vomit!

This is me right after I started opening it.

Elder Morley put more gross stuff on his. He loves it. Ew!

Drinking the juice

Me, "Oh yeah that's yummy" face.

This is Elder Harvey, Sister Anderson, and Sister Groshe. They love taking pictures on my camera

Go ahead and zoom in on that bad boy!

And that's Sister Rodrigo and I! She is hilarious. She stayed over at our apartment last week, and I walked out of our room and she's all "You have a pimple on your face." "Why yes. Thank  you. I can feel it." Haha so honest and blunt!
My first bite of Balut!

Learning how to make mango graham cake!