Sunday, May 31, 2015

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Hello my dear family and friends!

This week has been HOT!! It really is summer here! I have probably sweated more in this last week than I have in my entire life (just a fun fact for you all) But hey, that's alright because I LOVE it here.
Sister Dumale is so great! She really has a desire to learn waray-waray which I admire and appreciate! She is a native Cebuano speaker (I may have mentioned that before) so I am remembering a lot of Cebuano and I have been teaching her waray-waray in Cebuano which is a blessing! I'm not even that good but I'm so thankful Heavenly Father is blessing me to have good communication to help Sister Dumale adjust to Missionary Life (The best life) and learn a new language.

I mentioned a few months back about an experience Sister Pui and I had finding a family with a special needs child and being able to teach them the Restoration. Well they were so sweet but they were not interested in having Mormons back in their home. When I had Sister Minoza as my companion we saw Reah (The Mom) and I had the prompting to just go talk to her. She was sweet just like before and we had a nice little chat about life. The next few weeks I kept getting the prompting to just pray for the Lumakad family. When Sister Dumale and I were working on Thursday I had the prompting to go by their house. We saw Reah sitting outside holding her little boy and she let us share with her! It was Sister Dumales first time teaching the Restoration and she did great! Sister Reah wants us to come back and I know that Heavenly Father has perfect timing for everything.

Not only did Sister Dumale teach the Restoration for the first time but she also committed someone to Baptism! Yay! Her name is Ruffa Mae and she is 12 years old and is the only member in her family that is not baptized. She is so willing and wanting to become a member and we have planned for her and Jushrei (Sister Santas son) to be baptized on the same day. June 30th :)

One of the Less Active families in our ward had us over to eat Kamotes yesterday because Brother is really wanting to make sure I eat everything Filipino and to make me feel at home because he still just can't believe I am a 19 year old girl here in the Philippines from America. Haha he is so nice and worried for me I think it's so funny. Basta, they committed to prepare to go to the Temple so Sister Dumale and I are happy and excited to help them prepare and I just love talking about the Temple and how grateful I am that I get to be with my family forever :)

Have a great week! Love you all! :)

Sister Wilde
I love my best friends

I love my anak!

We love eating at Nanay Auroras!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Meet my new companion Sister Dumale

Hello all! This week has been great! Monday to Wednesday I worked with Sister Cerdenia and Sister Melicdem in Sister Cerdenia’s area which is Downtown Tacloban City. And let me just tell you, it is for some reason extra HOT in Tacloban city. Holy moly! I felt and looked like someone was constantly pouring a cup of water on my head. We had fun being in a threesome and lost sleep talking about who our anaks were going to be.

Wednesday night we went to the mission office and we saw these 3 cute Sisters talking to some Elders who were also going to be training. (A lot of my Elder Batch is training too) We started to talk to them and you could tell how nervous and excited they were to be here. We then went to the Testimony meeting of all the new missionaries and it took me back to when I first came into the mission! Thursday morning we went to McAurther park. When they announce who the trainees trainer is they first say their name and then the language they will be speaking, the area and zone, then the trainers name. Well they ended up announcing my name first and my area and language so I ended up being the one wondering who my anak would be. Everyone just laughed since Elder Oaks (New AP) announced it wrong. 

But let me just tell you, I love my anak!! Grabe she is the sweetest! Her name is Sister Dumale and she is from Butuan Mindanao! She is the oldest child in her family and is the first missionary too :) She is a native Cebuano speaker but she is so eager to learn waray waray and so she is constantly asking me questions and I just love it! She is speaking way more than I did when I first got in the mission which I admire! This next week she will get to meet more of our investigators, less actives, and recent converts which I'm excited for. 

We experienced being punted on Friday and last night but last night we talked to our petty cab driver and he asked us why we go house to house and when we started to talk to him and tell him why he told us that he was confused about the truth and what religion he should join and that he once saw half of the Restoration DVD and wanted to finish it. We exchanged information and talked to him for about 20 minutes. We both bore testimony to him and it really was a blessing to talk to him. So even though we were punted, we found a new potential investigator. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father leads us to where we need to be and that I have Sister Dumale as my new companion. She calls me nanay (or nay for short) in the house and sometimes outside while working which is adorable but she catches herself and says Sister Wilde if we aren't home ;) She also calls Sister Malu Tita (Auntie) and it's fun :) I can't wait to see what this next week brings :) Love you all!

Sister Wilde

Right after we found out we were companions
Her first Sunday in the mission field!! The people love her!
All of us Sister Trainers with our anaks
Enjoying missionary life! She is already doing great :)
Love these Sisters!
We are going home batch!
Elder Barrientos went home this last week.
Elder Maguale went home this last week too!! Time goes by too fast!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm going to be a Nanay!!

Hello family and friends!

This week is what Elder Mata (one of my former zone leaders) likes to call "P-day week". Sister Minoza and Elder Wheeler have just been super sick with stomach problems so we haven't been able to work. That is why Elder Mata and I are calling this week P-day week. Also, because we think we are pretty funny :) We ended up coming to Tacloban Wednesday night and stayed the night unexpectedly! It was kinda funny seeing each other in the morning looking the exact same just more haggard. President and Sister Maurer were so sweet to us as we and the Elders felt like homeless missionaries roaming Tacoblan. Haha. Sister Maurer made us dinner and it was so much fun to be able to spend time with them :) We also got to eat McDonald’s breakfast on Thursday morning so that was awesome.

Now to get to transfers! So as you all know I have been in my area for 2 cycles and Sister Minoza for 1. So on Saturday we got the call from the Zone Leaders that Sister Minoza would be transferring and that I would be staying in Carigara! Say what? I felt bad because of course I'm really happy to be staying in my area but I also felt bad because Sister Minoza was so sad. At church on Sunday I spoke and Sister Minoza bore her testimony and said goodbye. She prayed in every meeting and taught gospel principles to bid her farewell. The Elders and I were okay with her doing all of those things :)

Sunday Night at around 10:20pm we got a phone call from one of the AP's Elder Hughes. So of course we were nervous because it's late and he's the AP! Sister Minoza and I tossed the phone back and forth to each other until I finally answered it. He asked me how I was and if I was happy I wasn't transferring. He then asked to speak to Sister Minoza. I was then relieved, but only for a minute because he wanted to talk to me again. He asked me a few more questions and said, "Sister Wilde, the Lord has called you to be a trainer." Yes, I am going to be training a brand new missionary for the next two cycles in Carigara! I will be there until August and I can't wait to meet my anak :) Here in the Philippines if you are a Sister trainer you are called Nanay (Mom) for Elders Tatay (Dad) and of course the missionary you train is your anak :) (child) I saw Sister Skey today, my Nanay, and she's excited to have an apo! (grandchild) Haha it's kinda fun :)

I'm staying here in Tacloban until Thursday and Sister Malicdem and Sister Cerdenia will be my temporary companions until then, since they are the other two Sisters training. I also found out Elder Means is training so we're excited to train in the same zone! And just when I thought no more changes could happen I still had to pack everything up because we are switching apartments with the Elders! The new Zone Leaders will stay in our apartment and we will go to theirs. Also Sister Malu and Sister Pui will be living with us as they have been assigned in Carigara 1st and we are in Carigara 2nd. SMALL WORLD. Sister Malu and I are excited :)

I am sure the next few months will be full of challenges, good times, and many changes but I can't wait for what is to come :)

Sending my love!
Sister Wilde

I love Nanay and Tatay
I love my area!

I love halo halos
Elder Mata and I posing for our "P-Day Week" picture.
Darlene will be going into the mission field this next week!! California!
Celebrating eating BBQ because Elder Burton (next to me) is going home this week!
Sister Minoza saying goodbye!
Our awesome Bishop and some of his family!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day = Skype

Just got off Skype with my cute family! Ahhh it was so fun to talk to you and see your faces :) Happy Mother’s Day to all :)

This week we were able to meet a member family who had just returned home from being in Samar. This sweet lady has 4 girls and her husband passed away a few years ago. They were married in the Temple but their children have not yet been sealed to them. It also turns out that their 12 year old is not yet baptized and man she sure wants to be! Sister Minoza and I look forward to helping this cute family be sealed :)

We had exchanges this last week on Friday and I got to be with Sister Papasin. My current area Carigara happened to be her first area so it was fun for her to be able to come back and of course the people loved seeing her! We had an amazing lesson with nanay Jolieta, she hasn't been coming to church for the last month. The lesson was so strong with the spirit and Nanay Jolieta came to church yesterday! We gave her a big hug as she walked in the door and told her Happy Mother’s Day :)

Saturday was a special day as Sister Aster was baptized :) We invited her husband everyday leading up to her baptism and he really did not want to come but when Saturday morning came around he drove us to the church in his petty cab and CAME! We were SO happy! He was able to watch her baptism and he asked for his own copy of the Book of Mormon and we hope to start teaching him this week :) His heart is slowly being softened and we pray for him every day. It would be amazing to be able to complete Sister Aster’s family so that they could also make it to the Temple :)

This next week is the last week before transfers so I may have a new area and/or new companion! I love this work and the joy and happiness this gospel brings into people’s lives.

(Sorry Mom and Dad this is a short email! And my pictures are taking too long to load so I will send them next week.)

Sister Wilde

Sister Aster's baptism!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

This week was....

Hello Family,

This week was full of hard work, patience, love, miracles, humility, diligence, and sweat.

It was walking through the hot sun with sweat dripping down our faces and the heat of the ground piercing through our rubber shoes.

It was hearing familiar voices yell "Sister Wilde!" to turn around and see the 6 cute girls Sister Pui and I had talked to and given Restoration pamphlets.

It was having a family home evening at the Quebec girl’s home whose Mom passed away in 2010 and their Dad in 2011. It was learning from them how to make Chicken Adobo (My favorite Filipino food) and laughing because they realized I wasn't lying when I said I don't know how to cook. It was the victory high fives that followed because it turned out to be a success. It was then sharing a message with them and singing "As Sisters in Zion" and feeling the spirit so strongly and the love that Heavenly Father has for these girls who go to church every Sunday, (despite their grandfather whom they live with, a devoted Catholic who highly disapproves) have daily scripture study, and prayer together every morning and night.

It was working with the Relief Society President and finding a new Investigator Family who are honest seekers for truth. It was also finding Less Active families and helping them remember the happiness this Gospel brings them. It was meeting a Less Active father who can't believe I'm 19 years old and would leave my family to come to the Philippines to be a missionary. It was then telling him it is because I know our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, is the only true church upon the earth and that I want people to experience the joy and happiness the gospel brings.

It was visiting our investigator, Rhodora, and inviting her husband to join for what seemed like the 100th time and being overcome with joy when he accepted the invitation. It was being even happier when he asked at the end of the lesson when we could come back.

It was the glow in Asters face after she passed her baptismal interview and the embrace that followed that made our day.

It was working with a Relief Society Member, Sister Delo-santos, and laughing until our stomachs hurt because she is probably the funniest person we have ever met. It was then crying with her as she shared her powerful testimony and her conversion story to our investigators.

It was letting out an excited squeal when I read a text from the Elders saying, "Sister Wilde, can we ask what is in all of your packages?" It was then opening them and not only seeing, but feeling the love and effort that was put into them. It was eating some chocolate that seems to be heaven sent and seeing not only a box of Girl Scout thin mints, but Samoas and realizing it can only mean one thing, I'm the favorite child ;) It was reading the hand written messages in a cute card from your family that brought the biggest smile to my face and gave me an extra push to keep working hard.

It was visiting the cutest old couple in our ward and finding out brother had his eye surgery. It was then praying, hoping and waiting that his sight would return. It was seeing them on Sunday and having Brother say to me, "Sister Wilde. I'm so happy I can now see your beautiful face."

It was hearing the testimonies of Recent Converts on Sunday that bring so much happiness into our hearts.

It was more victory high fives with Santas children as they can name all of the 10 commandments. It was then the candy that followed that made their day.

It was realizing then, and knowing now, that all of the great things that came about and were accomplished weren't because of us, but because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were, and will be, with us every step of the way. Alma 26:12 "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."

It is my hope and prayer that we trust Him, do our part, and praise His name forever.

Sister Wilde
The Quebec girls
A basket of puppies!
Sister Sheryll has baby chicks!
I love Sister Sheryll's two cute girls!

I love my area!
Packages!!! :)

We had fun with these this morning :)

I didn't get to send this one last week. Here are all of us missionaries :)