Monday, July 6, 2015

Short and Sweet

Hello all! Today’s email has to be short because we will be going to Tacloban today! The whole Tacloban Mission will be together for the next 2 days! It is going to be great! Sister Malu and I are excited to see all of our batch! We haven't seen some since we have been in the mission! Basta, this week has been interesting since Sister Malu joined our companionship on Friday! Talk about fun! ;) Sister Pui has been transferred so Sister Malu will get her new companion on Tuesday. Having 2 companions always feels weird but it is fun!

So every week we make a goal for our sacrament attendance and we have been getting around 165 which is a big number. We have been pushing ourselves with getting our LA's, RC's and investigators at church, and the Elders have as well. We had 195 attend church yesterday and I could not be happier!! One of our investigators Sister Rhodora came to church as well for the first time and I loved seeing how loving and welcoming our ward was to her. It really makes ALL the difference!!

I'm really so sorry this email is short but no time today! I love this gospel and you all! Have a great week! :)

Love, Sister Wilde
Meet Jeralyn's baby girl! Her name is Maria Unilyn Justine Kim!! (they LOVE long names here!) She is so tiny!!
We straightened half of Sister Dumale's hair with Sister Malu's straightener because we were curious! (It was hard to straighten! Her hair is SO BIG.

Yes, we are in our laba area making s'mores because Filipinos don't know what those are and what is life without a s'more??
Successful because Sister Dumale loved them!

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