Sunday, February 14, 2016

Miracles and Surprises!

Hello Family!

So this week was a reminder that here in my mission I am always experiencing surprises and seeing miracles every day. It is something I love and absolutely enjoy :) (I enjoy the miracles more than the surprises. haha)

The surprise that we had this week was an unexpected little transfer. Surprise! Yep, that happened. No worries, I didn't transfer because I'm Ormoc for life, but Sister Lopez transferred. She is now in Carigara with Sister Neemia and my companion is Sister Culangan! She has been my roomate for the last 2 cycles and with her companion Sister Stinchfield going home we are now assigned in Ormoc 1st and 2nd ward. Talk about a BIG area!! Everyone in Ormoc 2nd just couldn't help but laugh yesterday because I get to be assigned there again before I go home and continue my work is Ormoc 1st. It's a challenge but we are enjoying every minute of it :)

I would like to share 2 miracles that happened to us this week :) We were working in my area and then were on our way to Sister Culangan's area and it is FAR APART. We were walking because our money was low because of how much we have been using to get around our areas. While walking for a long time a tricycle pulled up next to us and kept insisting we ride. We just got in the tricycle and when we got to our destination, he told us not to pay, that the ride was on him.

Our other miracle was on Saturday morning when we finished working we stopped at the grocery store because we didn't have food and we needed to also make it through Sunday. While grabbing some food we saw a member and talked to him for a minute then went to go buy our things. They started ringing up our groceries and we got really nervous because again, so low on money! Well before we knew it the member came up to us and said he will be paying for our groceries! Heavenly Father is truly aware of each one of us and will never let us down when we are in need!

Ryan and Mae are progressing wonderfully! They weren't able to come to church this Sunday since they went to the bukid but they are reading the Book of Mormon and have accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ with open hearts and willing minds.

Sunny and Marita are still showing their strong faith by attending church and doing all they can to save their money and prepare for baptism! They have such a love for the Gospel and hearing them bear testimony is amazing.

We have some cute little part member investigators Mary May, Trisha, and Angelica. Teaching the Gospel to little kids is one of my favorite things because they have so many questions and say the funniest things! It's always a wonderful feeling as well to teach these kids to complete their families so they can work toward being sealed in the Temple!

I love doing the work of the Lord, it brings nothing but happiness and satisfaction into my life as well as the lives of those we teach every day.

I love you all :)
Sister Wilde

LOVE  THESE SISTERS :) This was at our specialized training!
We had a baby powder fight. Haha.

Baby lizard.
Feeling the love this Valentine's Day :)
Walked into church and there was a chicken. Nothing unusual about this here in the Philippines :)

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