Sunday, February 7, 2016


Oh the drama that is taking place in this computer shop right now! With tears streaming down my cheeks words cannot express how proud I am of Kaden. He is going to do amazing things in Russia and I have no doubt in my mind he is going to change lives for the better, including his own. Even though our missions are COMPLETELY different I know he will have at least one convert. That is all we need in our mission, one convert, ourselves. I love you Kaden!! I also need to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Make it great :)

This week we had MLC in Tacloban and it was a blast because almost all of my batch are STL's or ZL's and Elder HoChing is one of the APs!! Sister Malu and I joked in Carigara that we would love one of our Batch to be one of the AP's before we went home and it happened. Nindot! Basta, it was great and it's always awesome to know how I can be a better missionary and leader for the Sisters we are over.

We did exchanges this week with Sister Culangan and Sister Stinchfield and I worked with Sister Stinchfield, have I mentioned that she is just the cutest thing! It is so fun to be with a new missionary and I remember what it was like to be in her place. Still learning the language and still learning to love the food ;) Unfortunately, she has been having a lot of health problems and has already gone to Manila but her stomach pain has come back so she will be returning home. She is heartbroken but has such strong faith and determination to come back and finish serving for her full 18 months.

This week with our investigators Ryan and Mae our lesson was AWESOME. First, we go to her house and what is she doing? Reading the Book of Mormon!! How awesome is that?? We taught the Plan of Salvation and I love seeing that spark of curiosity in their eyes when we tell them they won't go to hell when they die. A lot of people here believe that so they are afraid of death! The spirit was so strong and they are progressing so much! We taught them about Temples yesterday and they really want to come to church next week! They have so much potential!

I am still loving Ormoc! How could I not? I am Eternal Ormoc Mission. Haha! The ward is really supporting us in our missionary efforts and great things are coming about. Slowly, but surely!

Love you all!
Sister Wilde


Dinner :) Some of our recent converts and investigators of Sister Culangan and Sister Stinchfield!!
My companions!

Two things that made me LAUGH yesterday! #1
#2 haha!

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