Monday, February 29, 2016

Till we meet again!

Hello Family!

Here are some of the thoughts that are going through my mind. Next week?!? Is this real?! Could this be any crazier!? I am somewhat in denial! Time has just gone by so fast!! It doesn’t even seem real that my time here is coming to end. Sister Culangan and I are taking in every minute we have left to be with these people and share the gospel. It is bitter sweet!

This week was a pretty punted week though! We started to get a little frustrated because we were prepared and ready to teach these people and find people to teach but it seemed almost impossible! We walked for hours in pouring rain then blistering heat then pouring rain again only to be punted. But while walking I remembered a quote by M. Russell Ballard, "It is impossible to fail if you do your best and are on the Lords errand." It's true! Even though we were punted and nobody would accept us we were trying and that is what matters! So even though we may feel we aren't good enough or we can't accomplish anything, we can! Heavenly Father is never going to let us fail if we do what He asks. He will help us and we can accomplish great things.

Sunny and Marita are going through so many challenges right now. They have always struggled financially but have always put aside money every day so they could have money to get to church. Well Marita has been feeling very sick and they don't have money for her to go to the doctors because their baby ended up getting sick too and they had no food and no milk for their baby. But how amazing it was to see them walk through the chapel doors on Sunday morning in their best clothes because they know if they put the Lord first, He will help them. It is people like Sunny and Marita who inspire me to be better and I know they are going to make amazing members of the church someday. I love them!

At church yesterday everyone kept teasing us how we only have 1 week left. They enjoy teasing us because they are returned missionaries and know how we feel, it's hard to leave! They then announced in Sacrament meeting, "Sister Wilde and Sister Culangan are going home really soon and so we would like to invite everyone to their farewell party on March 5th at 6pm. It will be combined ward 1 and ward 2." Say what?? They are throwing us a farewell party. They are seriously the sweetest. (I had to laugh that they announced it at the pulpit.) I am going to miss these people like crazy!!!!

I love you all, see you soon!

Sister Wilde

p.s. Mom- don't get too trunky ;)

Sunday fun :)

My companions on Sunday :)
Outback in the Philippines. SO GOOD. The members love us ;)
Can you say trunky? Haha no! We were just preparing our things last p-day and had to take a picture! It is clean now :)
I really appreciate my district leaders Pinterest white boards during district meeting.
I love Sheila!!
Even though we were punted and tired, we still smile because we are on the Lord's errand!
I love teaching Filipinos about s'mores :)
Last p-day means play basketball! Don't mean to brag but I won all 3 games of speed. How? Not sure, but I said it is because I am not trunky ;) Elder Batchelder (yes that is his name) is in a chair because he sprained his ankle really bad! Surprised it's not me?

Justine's not too trunky mom here. I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster these last few weeks as we get ready for our sweet girl to come home and as we prepare to send our son on his mission. I am so excited to have her home and can't wait to hug her and hear all about her experiences, but my heart is also breaking for her knowing how hard this is going to be to leave the people that she has come to love so much. The Philippines and people there will forever have a special place in her heart! So tonight when cute little Sister in Justine's mission tagged me in a post on FB I found myself crying as I read her sweet words. Words can not even begin to express how grateful I am that this girl chose to serve a mission. We have all been blessed beyond measure because of it. Heavenly Father is mindful of His children and knows who we need and where we are needed.
My most favorite Sister Missionary assigned at Ormoc 1st Ward!
She was so funny. Yeah! .😊😊
She was beautiful inside and out! .💘💘
I Love this girl.I really love working with her!
I'll gonna miss her when she'll gonna
go back to her True Home at Utah. cry emoticon
But I'm so much grateful that I meet this Extraordinary Woman.
I'll Cherish those happy moments with you smile emoticon
I hope we'll meet again someday. 😂😄😜
heart emoticon SISTER ORTIZA

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