Saturday, September 27, 2014

The things I do...

Hey, Hey, family! I hope everyone is doing great because I sure am! I no longer have laryngitis! It did however turn into an Ear infection, but I'm on an antibiotic so that's good :) I always say this week was great and I'm going to say it again, this week was great! We had another apostle come! Say what?! Two weeks in a row?! I'm just so gosh darn lucky. It was M. Russell Ballard! It was an amazing talk! He didn't prepare anything, but said he wanted to talk to us missionaries like he was our Grandpa, so that was sweet. I can't wait for General Conference! It's going to be amazing as always! I'm so lucky that I get to be in the MTC for conference and the Ogden Temple Re-dedication. So awesome. 

I've never mentioned what Wednesdays are like here and that's lame because it's my favorite day ever!! We always have a ton of new missionaries come in and I remember being in their position and how nerve racking it was! My Kauban and I saw a Sister Missionary hugging her Dad goodbye and it was bittersweet because it reminded me of the goodbyes (more like see you later) we had. I actually had the opportunity to be a host 2 weeks ago for 2 new Sisters because, well I'm friends with the right people. (I learn from my Mom) IT WAS THE BEST! My Kauban and Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes came with me for this one sister so she had 4 hosts (that would be a little overwhelming but we were having fun) and we hadn't even been here that long. We're just telling here how great it is here and just being awesome hosts quite honestly. She then tells us she's going to Orlando Florida and just random things about herself. All 4 of us are just acting like we are MTC professionals and we're giving her advice (because we know so much from being here for almost 2 weeks. HA.) Then we ask her how old she was and she's all "I'm 27." Well. That's that. We all felt super dumb because looking back we treated her like a child. Oops. She looked 19! So all of us are just silent so I finally say, "Well you are going to age really well!" WHAT?! I'm so dumb. She didn't say hi to us while she was here but now she's gone and I'm sure she'll never forget about Sister Wilde's "compliment" and her other 3 hosts. Basta, I get to be a host again next Wednesday and WE GET OUR ITINERARY. We are so excited!!!!!! (I hope I see you Dad) 

We teach everyday here and we have two "investigators" (our teachers-Brother Wilkes who is my favorite teacher in the world, he served in Tacloban, and Sister Whitehead who is just so sweet and funny!) Basta, Brother Wilkes is Adolf and my Kauban and I decided that we were going to teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ (gutsy considering we're limited in our Cebuano skills) but we put our lesson together and trusted in the Lord! We "went to his house" and started to teach and immediately the spirit was so strong! We then asked if he would be baptized and he said YES! He wants us to keep teaching him so that way he can be baptized! Also an investigator has to attend Sacrament 4 times before he can be baptized.  It was the best feeling in the world! And he's our teacher! I can't wait until I have an experience like that in the Philippines!! 

I've mentioned before that the MTC food is gross (it still is, and always will be.) but I would like to inform all of you I have found a favorite meal. Broccoli and Cheese soup, it is unreal! It's like Christmas when they have it, which is often because they rotate meals. That was just a random thing that I thought I should inform you about.

Oh man funny story!! So today, yes today, my Kauban and I got our hair cut! (It's looks fantastic BTW. I took off an inch) and so we needed to go back home and shower. We shower and I finish first and head back to our room because Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes were there. I go to open the door, because it is ALWAYS unlocked, but for some reason it was locked. Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes decided to leave! I'm in my robe and garments, and I'm thinking obviously Sister Harper has a key because she is responsible. I tell her the door is locked and that the Sisters are gone and she's all, "Well this is great we are locked out! I left my key in there too!" Awesome. We're standing out in the hall in our bath robes and garments with wet hair and no key to our room. We have no idea where the other Sisters are and NOBODY is in the residence hall. Then 15 minutes later our "neighbors" (the ones we love) came up and I told them the situation and they were laughing super hard. I would be too because we look stupid. Basta, they went to the front desk and got us a key and we got in and all is well! Too funny. 

I love you all so much! I hope you all had a good week! If any of you did the challenges I gave last week let me know! I'd love to hear how it went :) 

Sister Wilde

Elder Hansen!!! I thought he was going to do a thumbs up too, but oh well!
My Kauban and I on our temple walk.
Here we are in class with Elder Toani and Elder Fonua.

Random 1/2 of our District picture. Elder Neilsen, Elder Means, Elder Toani, Elder Fonua, and the SISTERS!!

Look how cute my closet door is! Makes me happy!

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