Friday, September 12, 2014

Wow! It's been a week!

Hello pamilya! Wow it has been quite a week! I'll start by telling you about my district first because they're the best! :)

Obviously it's my companion and I, and we rock. ;) Then the other 2 sisters, Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen. We all get along so well! We have a blast! So it's us 4 sisters then 8 elders! Elder Wayne is our district leader and his companion is Elder Davis. They're great! Then there is Elder Neilsen and Elder Means. They are HILARIOUS! Elder Neilsen quotes movies all the time and I always get the right movie. Then there is Elder Germaine (Carter, he is white. Not black.) and his companion is Elder Ray. Elder Germaine is so loud. He's hilarious. We literally didn't know what Elder Rays voice sounded like until Monday. No joke. But he's opening up now :) Elder Funoa and Elder Toani are easily the coolest Elders ever. They are so spiritual and it's so fun to "celebrate" american things with them. (Like seeing Elder Toani's face as he eats pizza for the first time ever! WHAT?!) So that's my district :)

Saturday: My companion and I taught our first lesson in Cebuano! I was so nervous! We went in and we taught Jaime (that's our "investigator") about prayer and how to pray. It went so well! We walked out and just hugged each other and said a pray of thanks. We were the last ones to go and we were so scared because everyone except for Elder Funoa and Toani said it was terrible.
Sunday: We had sacrament at 8:15, (now it's 8:30) then had mission conference!I It was the best! I loved every minute of it! It was awesome to see all the new missionaries and see where they're from! 

Monday: We taught Jaime again! We decided to teach about families. We were nervous again but we said a prayer and went in! Prior to this I had the idea for my companion and I to bring a picture of our families. When I pulled mine out and showed it to him I started to say how important they are to me and how much I love them and how grateful I am that I get to be with them forever and I started to cry! So as you can imagine, I already sound not very good speaking Cebuano and when I'm close to crying, it sounds worse. I felt bad for Jaime! Then I looked and my companion and she was crying! (crying=tears in our eyes, only like 1 or 2 down our cheeks) I then bore my testimony and closed the lesson. We asked him to pray and in his prayer he thanked Heavenly father for sending the Sisters to him, and blessed us and our families. He expressed to us how much that meant to him. SO AWESOME. 

Tuesday: We taught again! (We do eat and study.) And we taught the Restoration. It was fantastic. At this point, we are beginning to understand what he is saying. Well, some of it. Before if we didn't understand I'd just say oo!. (Yes) and then kept going because I well I don't know. Basta (anyway) it worked ;) Then Tuesday we have a devotional! There was a rumor going around saying an apostle was coming! We were convinced because some Elders and Sisters say Uchtdorf! Turns out the first presidency and all of the apostles were at BYU. But, we heard from a member of the seventy and it was great! :) 

Wednesday: We taught Jaime about the Book of Mormon and that went good too! We challenged him to read 2 Nephi 31 so that way on Thursday we could talk about baptism and ask him to be baptized! 

Thursday: We get to class and we're so excited to teach Jaime but we walk in and he's in our class! Speaking English! I thought I was in a dream! By the way, Jaime is SO CUTE. Seriously. All of us sisters just adore him. He's now one of our teachers and we really learn a lot from him. He's so spiritual! I promise it's not just because he's so attractive, even though that helps ;) Mom- Facebook stalk him then dear elder us the details! Us sisters need and want to know! Taylor McBride is his name!

And now it's Friday! We went and did a session at the Temple this morning and it was just great :) We did a session as a District. Sister Larsen and Sister Hayes couldn't come because Sister Larsen has a kidney stone! Yikes! Good thing it was small! The Elders gave her a blessing. It's amazing to see. We are all just a big family and the Elders are so good to us Sisters! Oh, earlier in the week our district was getting frustrated with the language and so our teacher Brother Wilkes (He's the bomb! And he served in Tacloban!) challenged us to read Alma 8! If you have time, read it! :)

Back row: Elder Davis, Elder Wayne, Elder Ray, Elder Germaine, Elder Neilsen, Elder Means, Elder Toani, Elder Funoa 
Front row: Sister Hayes, Sister Larsen, Sister Wilde, Sister Harper

Quick funny story:
Our district always eats lunch at the same table and it was my Companion and I, Elder Funoa and Elder Toani, waiting for everyone else to come sit. Well Elder Toani always tells us stories about where he lives (kinibist) like spear fishing! His English isn't that great but we can understand him pretty good! Anyways, I asked them what they missed most besides family and they said I had to answer first so I said okay...Diet coke. (This was the day before you sent me one!! Which I loved. And wouldn't mind another one.) And Elder Funoa said, "What?! You drink that?! That has caffeine!" So I explained to him that we can have caffeine and he said in Tonga he drank a coke and loved it but then had to talk to his bishop because he got in trouble for it. So the fact that I drank it appalled him! Then when I got one the next day and I told him, he didn't believe me so I showed him and he just said while laughing, "You are a sneaky Sister, you know that? And addicted to coke." Basta, I thought it was pretty funny :)

I love you all loads!!! Have a great week! 

Sister Wilde 
My new favorite thing! I love wearing my name tag. I don't feel complete without it.

Cebuano CTR rings!
I love getting packages!

Birthday cake from The Chocolate!! I loved it!
My tiny closet.
Look Mom, I'm wearing my new necklace. Thank you! I love it!

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