Friday, September 5, 2014

First email from the MTC

Why hello family!

Kamusta Ka?! (How are you?!) I have so much to tell you in such a short time! So after I said goodbye to you all I followed my host around and it felt like a maze! I got all of my supplies in Cebuano, which feels like it's 100 pounds, and went up to my room! When I got there the room was empty except for the luggage. My host told me I was the last to arrive. She then led me to my classroom. I walk in and every seat is filled except for one, and the next thing I know the teacher is speaking to me in Cebuano. So I'm like well this is great, I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE SAYING TO ME! But I just followed his hand motions which led me to a room with computers and I had to watch an orientation thing on the Gym rules. It kept saying I can't jog with an Elder. Okay....I don't like jogging, and I wouldn't want to jog with a random elder anyway. So I finish that and then head back to class right when it's over, nice.

At this point I still have NO clue who my companion is! Then I found Sister Brereton! woot woot! and we head to a building for a meeting with all the new missionaries who just arrived. We hear from the MTC presidency and it was great! We got to see where other missionaries had come from (there are a TON of Samoans, Tongans, and Australians in my zone/district. They rock.) and we sang called to serve and Army of Helaman. Instead of singing we will be the Lords missionaries, it is we are now the Lords missionaries and BAM THE SPIRIT.

Seriously, the spirit is so strong here! I LOVE IT! Then I looked at a little packet they gave me during the meeting and it had my companions name on it. I'm nervous about not knowing who it is because they keep talking about being with your companion and I'm over here like yeah that's awesome...don't have one yet. Then I get the impression to look 4 rows in front of me and I see a sister with brown hair and I just knew it had to be my companion. Sure enough she looked back right at me and I mouthed "Are you Jocelyn?" and she said YES! We met after the meeting and she is the sweetest. We get along so well!I (It's Sister Harper by the way) and she's from Idaho! She turned down a ton of scholarship offers for volleyball (Shes 6') to be here and she's amazing. Her birthday is on Tuesday! She'll be 21! I am blessed to have such a great ka-uban! (Companion)

The first night was tugnaw (cold) because our room was set to -4. So not the best night of sleep. Also some Elders in my Zone got bedbugs so pray I don't get those) It's very busy here in the MTC all the time! I finally got time to shower yesterday and it felt amazing. We share a room with 2 other sisters, Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen. They are the best too! We all just get along great! We help each other with Cebuano (I'm teaching my first lesson in Cebuano tomorrow!) and we have fun! We might get 2 other sisters over the next few Wednesdays, but we sorta hope not because we use their space and it's still a bit crowded. But I guess the more the merrier!

Cebuano is very interesting. I missed the first day of class because of the lame orientation I had to do, but my first class was yesterday and it was good! Sister Whitehead is our teacher. I CAN PRAY IN CEBUANO! (I kinda have to cheat and look at my book sometimes) I just keep telling myself Kaya mo! (You can do it!!)

We had a meeting with our branch that went way over last night. We didn't get back to our rooms until 10:15 and we're supposed to be there at 9:30 (That's when our classes end) it was pretty good! President Pierce is kinda weird but really nice. His wife is such a sweetie! She comes and gives us hugs at night and it's really sweet. I have seen many Elders that I know! Elder Richardson, Elder Godfrey, Elder Chudleigh, and Elder Carter (He is in Granny and Poppy's ward) I've be able to talk to them all for a little bit :) I've made many friends here! In all honesty I LOVE IT HERE. I really do! I do feel like I've been here for 3 weeks but oh well.

One of my zone leaders, Elder Cullard had Aunt Ann as a teacher! He loved her! So he's always looking out for my ka-uban and I ;) (Thanks Aunt Ann!)

I hope Tate rocked his football game! I can't wait to hear about it! Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL! Don't worry about me!!

Sister Wilde

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