Friday, September 19, 2014

The work doesn't stop just because you're sick.

Kamusta Pamilyia!

This week has been both a crazy and exciting one! I actually got sick on Sunday night and ended up at the doctors Tuesday just to find out that I had a virus. Ew! So many people at the MTC are sick. Everything I ate came right back out. I'll spare you the details! I was feeling better Wednesday,  besides my throat. Come to find out I have laryngitis. Nice. It's hasn't been fun being sick, but the Lord has blessed me to continue to work and do what He needs me to do! Like teach our investigators! :) I also was able to receive a blessing from our zone leaders, Elder Culliard and Elder Wardle. They asked my companion and Sister Hayes during lunch if I needed a blessing (I was in our room with Sister Larsen) and when they came back and told me about it I thought it was so nice of them to offer, and decided it would be good. It was a great blessing and it really helped. :)

We actually lost 2 districts yesterday. They are now in the Philippines! Crazy! It was sad to say goodbye because we all had grown so close together. I mean, Elder Culliard and Elder Wardle were the ones who talked to my Mom on the curb while I was getting dropped off! I'm so excited for them and everyone else who left! They will all be amazing! Also my comp and I are now online coordinators. Never heard of it? Same here. It's a new thing they want us to start up! So that's cool I guess! And Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen are the new Sister training leaders! Our old District Leader is now the Zone Leader with his comp, and that's why Elder Neilsen is our District Leader now.

On Tuesday Richard G. Scott came for the devotional! It was AMAZING. I remember Dad telling me when an apostle came while he was here in the MTC. He told me the spirit was so strong as every missionary stood when he walks in, he is so right! It was incredible! I've been going to the MTC choir (same with my kauban and Sister Hayes and Sister Larsen) and so Tuesday when we sang it was broadcast to all of the MTCs around the world! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! So some of my friends in the other MTCs saw me while I sang in the choir! Pretty neat. Elder Scott talked about the Power of Prayer and Missionary work. I'll share some things he said that really meant a lot to me. The first thing he said was, "You all have the opportunity to study the gospel 24 hours a day. Do not take it for granted! It is a blessing." I've thought a lot about that and realized how lucky I am to be able to study the gospel all day! And looking back, I've never gotten sick of it and I never will! I also look back to before I came here and wish I would have taken more time to study my scriptures, Preach My Gospel, or General Conference talks. I challenge all of you to put aside 15 minutes (30 is even better :)) to study the gospel! You will be blessed, I know it! He also said that Prayer is a sacred gift. I've prayed so much in the last 3 weeks it’s crazy! I pray when I wake up, when I go to bed, with my companion before lessons and before study, and before every meal! I think we all get in a routine prayer (I know I've done so) and I've realized how important it is to sincerely pray. Every night we have quiet time from 10:15-10:30 and I knelt down at 10:15 and started to pray. Even though the other sisters in my room and many other missionaries and people all around the world were also praying at the same time, I knew Heavenly Father was listening to me, and I could feel his love and comfort. The next thing I knew I looked at my clock and it was 10:31! I prayed for 16 minutes and it felt like 5! So challenge number two...sometime this week just go somewhere quiet and pour out your heart to our Heavenly Father, He wants you to! 

So this next story is the highlight of my week. It makes me cry! It's about Elder Fonua and Elder Toani. I've talked about them before. They never receive any mail, and when they do it's from the doctor or the dentist. Elder Fonua hasn't heard from anyone in his family over email and Elder Toani has only heard from his older brother because they are the only members of the church. Well the Sisters and I decided to put a package together for them. We have so many treats (Thank you mom!) and Sister Hayes mom sent us 6 ties. We put a package together with the ties and treats and wrote them each a letter. We had Sister Harper write the letters because she can disguise her handwriting! We told our District Leader Elder Nielsen to take it to their room and not say a word about what it is or who it's from. (that was after lunch) We continued throughout the day and then that night as we were going to start class, they walked in holding the letters! All 4 of us immediately started smiling, but had to hide it! They kept pulling it out during class and reading it over and over again. Elder Fonua then had everyone write on the board because he needed to see our handwriting to know who did this! The only people that knew about this were us and Elder Neilsen and Elder Means. Everyone asked why and they told us the story. I'm going to use his words. You need to imagine a thick Tongan accent and broken English because it makes it so much better :) "We walked into our room and we saw a box with our names on it! It was so beautiful! (It's only a brown box with colored envelopes on top) Elder Toani wanted to open it but I said no! It might be something weird. We don't know where it came from! So then we waited for 10 minutes. I then decided we should open it. We did and it was even more beautiful inside! It had 6 ties! Very nice beautiful ties! (Honestly, they're not beautiful) And many candies! It is a blessing. I have never received a gift like this before. (Elder Toani said the same) We really want to find out who did this for us and give them a big hug because no one has ever done something so nice for me or my companion before." Is that not the sweetest thing?? He proceeded to tell us that they are going to pray tonight and thank Heavenly Father for the people that send them the package. When we went home that night we just cried because of how kalipay (happy) it made them and us! They are even wearing one of the ties today :) (Mom-I can't even imagine how happy the sisters in the Philippines will be when they get the Christmas packages you sent out!!) 

I hope everyone is doing well! I only have 28 days left here in the MTC then I'm off to the Philippines! Time is flying by and I am loving every minute of it!

Gihiguma ta ka!! (I love you!)
Sister Wilde

p.s. There is a really good chance the MTC choir will sing in conference so look for me :) I'll let you know for sure next week!!

My kauban and I testing out the new camera.

This picture was taken on Sunday 9/14/14

Elder Wardle, Elder Culliard, Me, Sister Hayes, Sister Larsen, Sister Harper. We are doing the "L" hands. It is what the Filipinos do! It means handsome!

I love these girls! We have so much fun together!!

Sister Larsen and I had to go and get medicine from the BYU health store. So this is us showing our excitement because we are outside of the MTC walls!

We LOVE the Friday package! You rock Mom!! I think we're pretty cute pirates!

This picture makes me laugh!

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