Wednesday, January 21, 2015

One eventful week!

Hello Family,

Sister Talataina and I have only been companions for a week and SO much has happened! Last Tuesday we went and visited the Gabiana family, and they are doing great! Sister Talataina only knows Cebuano so the people here can understand it somewhat but cannot speak it so they will reply in waray waray then I will tell Sister Talataina what they said in English. It is challenging, but good because I am learning more! One of the boys (Jules) said the closing prayer and he thanked Heavenly Father that we were healthy, and that the Sisters had big healthy bodies. Hahaha. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit, so did his mom and siblings! I told Sister Talataina what he said when we left and she couldn't help but laugh too. Sister Talataina and I get so many people staring at us because we are two big foreigners. I also get told that I'm even smaller now when I'm next to my companion because Sister Skey was so stinking tiny. It's too funny.

Basta, Wednesday Sister Talataina was sick and so we were not able to go out and work, she was also sick Thursday, and Friday. Sister Talataina ended up cutting her hair and Sister Zaballas’ hair at one point because she was bored. Haha so our room is now called the W.T. salon. So weird. Then Sister Zaballa (My STL and my roomie) said she would go with me tomorrow to work in our area which I was grateful for because it had been a long time since we had worked in our area. So when we got up Saturday morning we got a text from the Zone Leaders saying to stay inside because there was a Typhoon coming. So there went our day of work!

Sister Zaballa and Sister Newton went out and grabbed some food before the storm was going to hit. In the afternoon the storm really was hitting hard and we realized that we had to be the eye of the storm. It was scarier than Typhoon Ruby because we were the center, and we were not in the chapel but at home. We were all in our room (it's the hang out place now I guess) and I walked out to grab something when I felt water...yikes. I then realized our apartment was flooding. We only had towels so we all just kept wiping up the water and ringing the towels out over and over again. It wasn't flooding too bad, but man was it fast. The Zone Leaders told us not to sleep that night, but to stay up and watch the flood. Great. Around 11:00 pm it had died down and was no longer flooding so we decided to get some sleep if the storm was going to pick up again. Around 1am Sister Talataina woke me up and told me that she was having a hard time breathing. (It is also super hot in our apartment because we have no electricity so that doesn't make it easier for her to breathe!) I text Sister Maurer and she told me to stay up and keep an eye on her. (Sister Maurer does all of the medical stuff...she is awesome!) By Sunday morning Sister Talataina wasn't better and I had to take her to the hospital. They did many tests and she was admitted that morning. Our Bishop and 2nd counselor brought us the sacrament later that afternoon which was great, and many members of the ward came and visited us which is always so much fun! She was released on Monday afternoon, and we found out she has bad asthma. No fun! She got an inhaler and is doing much better, but is still getting strength back.

Now during all of this, our apartment is haunted. Yes, I'm not even lying. All of you that know me know that I love scary movies and love being scared. Well I've always thought it was cool that we live next to a cemetery because they are extra creepy here, and I think it's funny that the Sisters get freaked out so easily. Well I'm here to tell you now that I no longer will be watching scary movies when I return nor do I enjoy being scared! The experiences we've had are anything but fun, and so we are going to get our apartment dedicated soon. The Elders came this morning and said a prayer in our apartment, but we will have it dedicated as well.

This week has been the most stressful week of my mission so far, but also very spiritual. Heavenly Father has helped me so much this week. From helping me communicate with the doctors and nurses in the hospital to being safe during the Typhoon, and comforting me when I'm scared. Even though this week was hard, Heavenly Father helped me through it, and I know I wasn't the only one He was helping this week. He is constantly helping those who put their trust in Him and do His will. I love being a missionary, and I love all of you! Have a great week! 

Sister Wilde

Mom, here is the answer  to your question, “What is the best thing about being a missionary?” The thing I love most about being a missionary? EVERYTHING. I can't pick just one! But of course being able to help people is the best. Seeing them make changes in their lives to be in harmony with the Lords standards is the best feeling ever. You can see a light in their eyes as they keep the commitments we give them and are willing and ready to do anything the Lord wants them to do. I love that feeling :)

Being here in the hospital with Sister Talataina! She is crazy! ;)
This is after our special sacrament meeting
This was my bed. Pretty sure I have a bruised tail bone.
Opening packages!! Sister Talataina took a billion pictures, but I am only sending a few
Opening our 12 Days of Christmas!! Sister Talataina really enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas, like A LOT! We couldn't wait for 12 days, so it was more like 12 Days of Christmas meets 1 Day in January! And the chocolate was AMAZING. I had forgotten what it tasted like.
Celebrating with Sister Zaballa!
Happy 23rd Birthday Sister Zaballa!
Sister Talataina LOVES taking selfies. Too funny. This is our "Say Cheese!" picture
And this is our "Act like we are at a party" picture!
Our kitchen
We have cute puppies that live on our porch! These are a few of them :)

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