Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our first baptism!!

Hello Family!

What a week! It has rained so much!! We had to stay in for 2 days of work due to the flooding, so that wasn't very fun, and currently our area is super flooded. We are rockin' the rain boots this week! It was up to our knees at one point, but now it is about mid calf. Slowly but surely it is going down. 

We got boundaries this week, as well as in our ward, so now the Elders have an assigned area and we have ours. We did lose some of our investigators because of it, so now the Elders are teaching them. We will be doing a lot of finding this next week so that we can have more investigators. 

I did however have my first baptism this week! Cute Fritz! We went over to his home on Thursday to go over the baptismal interview questions, and he is so smart and remembered everything we taught him! We were so proud! He then passed the interview with our District Leader Friday, and was baptized Saturday by his uncle who is in our ward. The Elders had two baptisms as well, Ezmerelda and Jeo. It was a beautiful baptism. It's the best feeling in the world to watch someone you've been teaching enter into the baptismal font and come out of the water with the biggest smile on their face. I could feel the spirit so strong, and I felt such joy because this is only the beginning for him. He bore his sweet simple testimony after and thanked Sister Skey and I for teaching him and helping him so that he could be baptized. He told us that he wants to serve a mission! Have I mentioned that being a missionary is the best?? Because it is! :) 

We have a new investigator named Lily, and she is the sweetest lady. She came to church last week and yesterday so she is progressing and wants to be baptized on January 24th! :) Our investigator family (Arpon) are working towards baptism as well. We have 10 investigators with baptismal dates!! 

It's sad to say that this week is the last full week that Sister Skey and I have together as companions. I won't be in training after this week. Say what?! Time is flying by! I still can't believe that it's 2015! It makes me feel a little older because I can finally say I graduated High School last year ;) I hope everyone had a Happy New year!! 

Sending my love from the Philippines! :)
Sister Wilde

Helping Fritz get ready for his baptism!
Our selfie before he was baptized! He was so happy!

Ezmerelda, Jeo, and Fritz on their baptism day.
Bishop and his counselors took us out to dinner after the baptism.
I just love these people!!
Riding in a tricycle
I love the Gibiana family!!!
Rockin' the rain boots
Look, we got cute socks! I've missed wearing socks! We wanted to wear them with our crocs, but decided it wouldn't be the best idea, so we just took a picture.
The missionaries are ready for 2015
New Years Day here was vacant!

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