Monday, February 2, 2015

And the trials continue...

Hello everyone! I hope all is well! It has been quite a week! I have been having shooting pains that go from my lower back down to my toes for a week. It was especially painful in my knees, and it became really hard to walk. I continued to go out and work because, well I wasn't dying! (It may have looked like it as I walked slower than usual) I then woke up on Wednesday with a high fever, and I couldn't eat because I couldn’t keep anything down. Gross. I had to stay in Wednesday and Thursday! NO FUN. Sister Talataina comforted me with the 4th verse of "Come Come ye Saints" while I laid in bed, and for those of you who may not know the's a part: If we should die before our journeys through, happy day, all is well. How sweet. After that she then sang me the Africa, Fiji, Samoa, America, and Australia national anthems. It was quite a treat. Haha :)

Friday we went out and made a stop at the Hospital because a member of our ward, Paul, got his appendix taken out! (Pablos little brother, he is 13) While we were there we taught 2 lessons and talked to all the nurses! They love that I can speak to them. They spoke english more than I did in our conversation! Speaking waray waray is just normal to me now! (Even though I still have a lot to learn)

We now have a new investigator. Her name is Ivy and she is 16. She is so sweet, and we are going to meet her family this week! We also went and taught Sister Lyka, who is doing good! She is 20 weeks pregnant and is busy with her 1 year old! We shared a simple message with her, and offered to help her clean, cook, do laundry. (Don't worry-I do the laundry and cleaning, NOT the cooking) She was surprised, but really appreciated our offer and said that she would text us. I am really hoping that she does, but we will go there again soon for sure :)

On Saturday the pain was bad, and as I was thinking about what I should do I got a text from Sister Maurer telling me to go to the hospital and get a CBC and ESR blood test. Uh...what?! I was so nervous! I hate needles! Sister Zaballa and I went because I told Sister Talataina she needed to go to the Gabiana family. So she and Sister Newton went to teach them. We went to the hospital only to find out they don't do the tests there, instead they are at a place called SureMed. We went and I filled out a little slip, gave them money and thinking I would have to wait for a little while I sat down only to find out they were ready for me. No!! I sat down and a lady came over. I told her that my veins are hard to find, and to please be careful because I'm scared. Haha is that bad??  She laughed and said, "Oh Sister maarum ka waray waray. Waray problema," (Oh you know Waray waray? No problem.) Again, how sweet. She then realized I wasn't kidding as it took her 10 minutes to find a vain. When she finally found one I grabbed Sister Zaballas hand (Because of course I didn't have my Mom!) and it hurt. As I was looking away, closing my eyes, and squeezing Sister Zaballas hand I heard Sister Zaballa say, "Grabe Damo! Ala! Don't look Sister!" (Woah that is a lot!) Again, how sweet. (This week was just full of sweet things;)) We got my results back an hour later and Sister Maurer sent them to the mission doctor in Manilla who said I'm going to live! Yay! :) I'm just on some pain killers right now and I'm feeling so much better. (Sister Maurer Rocks. Seriously. She does SO much medical stuff it's unreal. The Manilla doctor is pretty good too;)) So I'm looking forward to walking normal and working everyday this next week.

The past few weeks have really been full of trials, but I am thankful as I have learned a lot, and have felt the prayers from home and here in my ward. Everyone told me on Sunday that they have been praying for me, and that they were happy to see my beautiful face. I love them.

Nahigugma ak kamo tanan! (I love you all!) Napapasalamat ak para sa inyo ngan para sa imong gugma, pagampo, ngan support para sa ako. SALAMAT ORAx2 :) (I'm thankful for your love, prayers, and support in my behalf! Thank you so much!) Pag hinay! (Take care!)

Sister Wilde

The petty cab struggle is SO REAL. Even if this picture doesn't look like it!
I love these people! This was after the Elders baptism. Sister Talataina, myself, and Gelaine ended up doing a musical number. Good times.
Sister Gina and I! She is doing so good! Love her! Her kids (Gabiana) can't wait to be baptized on March 7th.
This is what I go through every day to get to our apartment. It's so little!

We got cotton candy this morning for 5 pesos and it was  Marasa! (delicious!)

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