Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy LOVE Day! I LOVE being a missioinary, I LOVE these people, I LOVE my area, I LOVE this gospel, I LOVE you!

Hello Everybody! I hope all is well! This week is the 6th week in the transfer and I couldn't be more nervous! (Transfers are Monday so I won't email until Tuesday) There is a chance I could transfer areas and that does make me sad, but I know that whatever happens is what Heavenly Father wants for me, and being here on my mission I have really learned to be Humble and trust in Heavenly Father because I know He knows what's best for me.

We visited the Mangadtos again this week and Brother Mangadto told me that he is praying I stay in this area for another Cycle. Grabe I love the people here so much! They are always thanking me and telling me how grateful they are that I respect their culture, and do things the way they do things. For me it hasn't been hard because they are the NICEST people in the world, and I love the culture here! I tell everyone I'm a Filipina at heart :) For Valentine’s Day Sister Talataina and I woke up at 4:30am and Heart attacked the Mangadtos door for Valentines! We wanted to do Sister Lyka, but we almost got attacked by a dog. Then we tried to go to the Gabiana’s and Sarmiento’s but it started pouring rain. The struggle was real, but we got one door heart attacked and got our exercise in! (It was vertical running-not horizontal running)

We had exchanges this week with our STL's Sister Newton and Sister Zaballa. Sister Talataina led our area with Sister Zaballa, and I worked in the Catarman 2 area with Sister Newton. It was interesting to have two Americans walking around together. Got double the stares ;) We did a lot of finding and we were able to find a former investigator. She ended up knowing one of the Recent Converts in my ward so it was great to make that connection because she feels like she has a friend at church so she isn't so nervous to come. She also said she (Glecy-the RC) is always so nice and she notices that Mormons are nice and always happy and she likes that :) So don't lose that smile, people are always watching!! :)

I'm not sure if you all remember Iggy. He's the one who approached me in the candy shop back in November asking, "How do I apply to be a Mormon??"  Well the Elders lost contact with him because he was in Manila for work. Then the Elders told me that he came back and that they were teaching him! I got so excited and they said that he was great! A few days later Sister Talataina and I walked past his shop when I heard a yell, "SISTER WILDE!!!" I turned around to see Iggy and he came up to me and said, "Sister Wilde! I'm getting baptized on March 21st. I would love for you to be there since you were the one who helped me know how I can become a member of the church!" YES!!! I'm so excited for him!!! I told him I might transfer but we will see what happens :) He's the bomb!

The Gabaina children will have their baptism next Saturday and their interviews this week! I have been teaching them since the beginning of my Mission, and I have loved seeing their progress. I might not be here for their baptism which does make me a bit sad (or a lot sad) but either way they will be baptized and do great things in life :) I know it!

At Church yesterday Sister Lyka came!! Along with her husband Brother Igmar and their little girl Elisha.(She's one) Have I mentioned she's pregnant? Cause she is. Basta, she's due in 2 months and she hasn't been progressing the last month, but lately as we've been visiting her and talking with Brother Igmar and having him help us teach her he has realized the importance of attending church and helping Lyka because after all he is a member. I think he realizes now that it's not too late, it's never too late, to come back to the church. I sure love them and hope they both continue to progress!

I hope you are all well and I want you to know I LOVE YOU ALL! I pray and think of you often! Happy late Valentine’s Day! :) Take care!

Sister Wilde

I failed to mention we had Zone Training meeting. It was good! Sister Rodrigo always wants me to hold her since I'm big and she's small. She's a crack up!
The Elders are just so fun!
My first coke! It's allowed now, just need to limit ourselves! Sister Talataina thought it was funny is said Babe
We got locked in our bedroom and took a picture because we're so dumb! Sister Zaballa and I broke the doorknob a while back, and we can usually get out with scissors but they were in the kitchen so we were stuck for an hour before we got let out!
A cool bamboo bridge in the STL's area. I honestly thought I was going to break it! But no harm done :)

Not something you see everyday! At least not where I'm from ;)

Random kids in part of our area! They love us! It started to rain so we all huddled under my umbrella.
The little girls just love taking pictures!
The Mangadtos heart attacked door!
Here we are with our STL's/house mates on Valentine's Day ;)
We taught Fritz yesterday after church and boy I just love him! He LOVES the "Future Missionary" bracelet, and wears it everyday!
His little brother and cousin are in the picture as well. They love being taught!

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