Tuesday, February 24, 2015


New area, New companion, New language, New people, a New adventure.

I just had my first transfer! I was SO nervous and a bit surprised. We got the text Saturday morning that I would be transferring. I may or may not have cried a little bit. We did cleaning and I packed Saturday. That night we went on splits with the ward missionaries so I got to work with Merasol which I loved being able to work with her before I left. She is amazing and I miss her like crazy!

We went to Bishop’s house that night because Merasol said that we would meet Sister Talataina and Jonelyn there. I wasn't sure why, but I went with it and it turned out they did a little going away party for me. As soon as they found out I was transferring (They didn't know until Saturday afternoon) they wanted to do something for me. I LOVE THEM. I miss everyone there like crazy! Gina found out I was transferring at church on Sunday and she just started to cry. I cried a lot on Sunday. I really loved my first area and the people there. She was really sad I wouldn't be at her kid’s baptism. I told her that it's okay that I won't be there because it really matters that they are going to be baptized and I'm lucky I got to help them get there.

Now don't go thinking I'm still sad because I LOVE my new companion and this area! It's Carigara! The language is Waray Waray-H and before I was speaking Waray Waray-S, so it’s not totally different but it's pretty interesting. Wish me luck! ;) I haven't been in the area much yet but it's so nice and quiet! Haha. We don't have to share an apartment and it's super nice! My companion is Sister Pui. She's too cute! She's a Filipina and is from IloIlo. She is so sweet and an AMAZING COOK. I'm living the good life ;) She's even going to teach me! Yay!! She learned english from watching movies. Her favorites include Transformers and Fast and Furious. We found out that we are a going home batch! :) I can't wait to tell you more next week when I actually experience the area! :)

Mom-WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING?! New beginnings looked so good!! Love it! And THANK YOU for your packages!(Family included! I got the Valentine’s one and the one full of food! Elder Anderson (Him and his wife serve in the Mission office) said he answers the phone as "Wilde and Cotcher storage service" because we have so many packages! Haha too funny!

Kaden-Thank you for the billion emails with one picture in each. You're killin me! ;) So many dances! Can't wait for you to get your mission call! The wait is hard for me! PHILIPPINES!!!!

I love you ALL!!!
Sister Wilde

All our transfering from Catarman except for Sister Talataina.
Beach pictures were a must.
My little get together at Bishop's house! LOVE these people!
Last district meeting!
I just love these people!!

Taught everyone the cup song!
Saying goodbye to Sister Lyka!
They came to church again and said goodbye :)
Gina and I
Merasol and I
Trying to be creative!
Saying goodbye to the Sarmiento and the Gabiana family. (The hardest!)
Gabiana Family

The longest bridge in the Philippines
The driver pulled over and let us take pictures!!!

Saw Sister Brereton and Sister Malu for the first time since October and it was THE BEST! Sister Malu just hugged me and started crying. It was pouring rain outside, but she didn't care!
Here is a bit of my area! Muddy feet everyday!
Pigs galore!

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