Monday, June 22, 2015

Dad's ROCK!!

Hello Family!

This morning my Zone went to a beach in Capoocan, played games, and just enjoyed our P-Day morning! We then traveled together to Tacloban and let’s just say I am so happy to be sitting in a fast hidden internet shop with a fan directly in front of me. I say this because it is RARE, very rare.

And today (well yesterday for me) is Fathers Day!! Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Dad! Even through all of the teasing I sure love you! :) Happy Fathers day also to my uncles, my Poppy and grandpa, and all of the other amazing Dads out there! Keep being the great husbands, fathers, and friends that you are :)

This last week Jushrei and Ruffa Mae passed their baptismal interviews! We knew they would :) Sister Santa is so excited for Jushrei to be baptized but not as excited as he is! He can't wait to be a missionary someday and we can't wait to give him his first neck tie on his baptism day :) (My mom is a genius and sent 2 ties in a package. Again, she is the bomb.) Now Ruffa Mae, she is just hilarious! I mentioned a few weeks back about finding her family and her being the only one who is not a member. We taught the Word of Wisdom last week thinking it would be a reminder but came to find out she drinks coffee every morning. But she committed to stop drinking it and she sure did it! The first thing she said to us when we saw her last Sunday was, "Sisters!! I prayed when I woke up this morning AND I didn't even drink coffee. Yeah, NO COFFEE." I may or may not have laughed at first because she was just so stinkin’ excited but it was adorable and we couldn't be more proud of her :)

We have a newer investigator and she is 17 years old and her name is Jemily. She is a sweetheart! And when that girl prays, the spirit is so strong! She told us she prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that she felt just so happy and good. Every time we ask her a question during or after our lesson, as I listen, I can see her as a future Sister Missionary and I told her that after our lesson and the smile on her face was priceless. We really hope to help her to continue in the gospel and I would sure love to hear in a few years where she would be called to serve :)

Sister Dumale and I can hardly believe that after this week we will be in the last 6 weeks of her training! Time is flying!! We just love our companionship and I am so proud of her as she has really embraced and adjusted to missionary life so well! She amazes me! She keeps telling everyone we talk to and meet that I have taught her waray waray and they don't believe her until I start talking to them and we just enjoy the looks on their faces :) She has really picked up on the language and I am so impressed! We joke (but it's not really a joke) she has better English than me and Sister Malu and I agree that she has better English than both of us because the languages here are just becoming a part of who we are. I love it. My ward here and I all joke that I'm a Filipina except I am just too white. Maybe by the end of my mission ;)

Have a great week everyone!! :)
I love you all!

Sister Wilde

So we have a lot of frogs that not only live outside of our apartment but inside our bathroom as well. It is pretty hilarious to hear Sister Malu, Dumale, and Pui scream while in there. But don't you worry, I'm pretty much a champion frog catcher. When you do it everyday you get really good.
Elder Anderson (in the middle) had to go home last week from being sick :( But he is doing better I heard so that is good!
I love these Sisters :)
Matching umbrellas!

I love Sister Dumale! This was taken this morning at our zone activity.
I sure love Sister Malu!
Feeling like a celebrity in the hat Sister Malu bought this morning.

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