Monday, June 8, 2015


I just wanted to start out with a quick shout out to my Mom who got Employee of the year award! That's so awesome! Congrats! :)

On Monday last week I received a package and it was a "Hump Day" package. As I opened the package and read the letters from sweet ward members, friends, and family I had to hold back a few tears! I'm beyond thankful for the support and love I feel from everyone back home! THANK YOU! I also laughed because the picture of my Dad in that Hump Day shirt made me almost pee my pants. Hahaha I cannot lie! Also Tyson’s Nacho Libre quote, "I know you're doing great because you know a butt load crap about the gospel." THAT was clever. Later in the week I all of the sudden got phone calls and texts from the zone leaders and my district leader demanding to know what was in the 8 packages at the office! They really just want to know if there is chocolate!! ;) As I sat and opened my packages (My Zone Leaders brought them to me on the condition I opened them in front of them and shared.) Sister Dumale just kept saying, "I am so blessed Nanay!" She is too adorable! I kept saying, "I think my family thinks I'm starving!" So much food but I love it!! :) THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!

This week Sister Dumale and I were going through our area book when we came across some less actives we didn't know about! Hala! We asked our ward members who lived in that area and they said that they either didn't know where they lived or that they were not there. We still kept thinking about them and when we were teaching Sister Santa she asked us if we had visited the Sudario family before. That is the family we had been asking members about!! Say what?! An answer to our prayers! We found their house and Brother is very nice and both he and one of his 12 children are members. So his Wife and the other 11 children are not members yet. He said we can come back and teach them when they are not in school and he doesn't have work! We are so excited to help this family!

We had stake conference here in Carigara this last weekend and President and Sister Maurer attended! Sister Maurer gave such a sweet and powerful testimony and President Maurer gave a great talk on keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I hope that we all do good on the Sabbath Day as President Maurer taught. The Stake Relief Society President also spoke and she focused on visiting teaching. Being here on the mission I realized just how important it really is. Especially for our sweet Sisters who are not active in the church! As members of the Church we all are missionaries and have a responsibility to help members stay strong in the Gospel and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

I love you my dear family and friends! I look forward to what this next week will bring as we have zone training tomorrow and Sister Dumale and I will have exchanges with our STL's. Her first exchanges and she will lead our area! I know she is nervous but I also know she will be great! She's amazing!!

Sister Wilde

We can't believe it has been 9 months!

For the next 9 months I will continue to feast upon the words of Christ! This isn't something that will only be for the next 9 months but for the rest of my life. I cannot express how important it is to read the Book of Mormon everyday! The Book of Mormon is true and we will truly be blessed and grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as we read it. 

Can you spot Calvin the camel?
For the next 9 months I get to keep helping people with their random little projects and just enjoying my time with them. I LOVE the people with all of my heart!

For the next 9 months I will get to ride in petty cabs and apologize to every driver for being big! Can you spot Calvin the camel?

For the next 9 months I will continue to receive packages from home full of goodies and love every minute of it! I better enjoy it ;)

Happy early 4th of July! I just so happened to be wearing red and white!

I loved the book the Adam's made for me! I sure love them!!
I've got the best batch mates!
I love our ward members!! Especially when they work with us! :)
Sister Jeralyn is close to having her baby! I love her!!
We rode a hobble hobble for the first time today!! It's a motor and normally here they fit like 8 people on it! It's crazy and SUPER FUN!

Yes, that is Elder Means. Ha!

Our Zone put together an Iron Rod activity and I've done one before at Girls Camp but man here it is crazy! Going through a river and down a rocky hill! It turned out great!

Carigara Zone!

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