Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shout out to the Birthday Girl!


Today is June 15th. That means on Thursday it will be June 18th. And that means it is my Moms birthday!! And that means she is getting old! ;) Ha, just kidding! Even if she was going to be old she sure doesn't look like it! Happy early Birthday Mom! I love you to the moon and back and am so thankful for you! From diet coke runs, to "window"shopping (we always bought something-Sorry Dad;)) to girl talks, and jamming to One Direction, those are all memories I cherish and look forward to creating more in the future :) I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday we had Zone Training meeting and it was awesome! I sure love my Zone! Elder Purcell and Elder Dingil gave a great training about time! They focused on the importance of time and how here in our missions it is the Lord’s time, and it's a short time, and we need to use it wisely! I couldn't have said it any better! I can't believe how fast time goes by here on the mission. I love everything about being a missionary and the past 9 months have been challenging but so rewarding!! I can't wait to continue to give all my time to the Lord for the next 9 months and continue to use my time wisely when I return home.

This week Sister Dumale and I found 8 new investigators and committed 5 to baptism! Angel and Angielyn are daughters of Sister Aster. They have really seen the change in their Mom and want to become like her! So sweet! The other 3 are a family! The Obero family. They are former investigators from a year or so ago and only their primary age daughter is a member. On the first visit with them we taught the parents and 2 of their sons, Mario (17) and Orley (19). Mario was smoking and Orley has some earrings and did not look like he wanted two Sister Missionaries in his home. We greeted them and they become not so stiff as they realized I wouldn't speak English to them and as we started to get to know them. They joined in on the lesson and the spirit was so strong. The next visit Mario was working but Orley joined again and kept trying to get Mario to come! (That's a good sign!!) As we were teaching the rest of the Restoration I felt we could extend the baptism commitment to them. I felt Brother and Sister Obero would accept but I wasn't sure about Orley. I told Sister Dumale to extend the invitation and she got super nervous but as I said a little prayer for her she extended and they all accepted!! I can see their desire and willingness to be baptized and to make changes in their lives. Especially Orley! Mario apologized after for not sitting in and said he will when we go back. We really hope so! :)

We had exchanges this week with our STL's and I got to work in Ormoc with Sister Henry! I was so excited to work with Sister Henry again but nervous because Ormoc is a Cebuano area! We arrived Thursday night (It's a 2 hour bus ride from our area to there) and the first lesson I tried to replace some words I knew but was really just speaking waray waray. Sister Henry kept laughing at me because she knew I was trying so hard! She said I was doing great but I knew she was just trying to make me feel better. The next lesson I said a little prayer to help me speak Cebuano. Sister Henry asked me to lead the lesson and I spoke Cebuano!! Yeah, it was a miracle!! I've been able to learn from my anak and Sister Minoza and I'm so thankful Heavenly Father helped me to speak Cebuano for that recent convert. Sister Henry hit me during the lesson and said, "What?! You know how to speak Cebuano!" I just laughed and the lesson turned out to be great. They asked me to pray at the end but I prayed in waray waray because I'm just so used to it. Maybe next time in Cebuano ;)

There was a broadcast this last week to the Philippines and it was amazing! Sister Wixom talked about the experiences she had while in the Philippines and as she spoke I couldn't help but cry because it got me thinking about all the of the experiences I have had here and all of the people I have met and I just love this beautiful country full of beautiful people.

I love you all! (In case you didn't already know;))

Sister Wilde

Exchanges with Sister Henry!
We had to cross a river! But that is normal here :)
Stuck under a tarp for 10 minutes while it poured!!
Just eating my favorite snack after a long day of work! Sister Dumale thinks it is gross and weird so she wanted to take a picture of me. Haha.
Kids, kids, kids!!
Elders selfie!
Elder Purcell goes home in 2 weeks!
Carigara Zone!!
My bff's drew me pictures :)

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