Monday, September 14, 2015

I think you could say I'm Filipino!

Hello Family!

So here are a couple of funny things that happened this week that I thought I would share.

1. We were at a dinner appointment with the Bautista family. (Who I love and they always feed us!) While I was eating dinner I felt something in my hair, it could only be three things. 1) a lizard 2) a cockroach 3) another species of weird insect that I can't describe. Well...I just grabbed whatever it was, only to see that it was a big cockroach and I just tossed it to the ground. I really have been in the Philippines for so long, to not freak out at that. The Bautistas were shocked and impressed.

2. I met a half filipino (his Dad is American) who was born and raised in Ohio and has been living here for 3 months. He can't speak Cebuano and it was hard for me to speak straight English to him. He couldn't believe it and Sister Pangilinan was laughing at me. I will just go ahead and apologize now for when I come home and throw in some waray-waray, cebuano, or tagalog words in our conversations.

Anyway, this week we had something great happen! We have been working hard and praying for an investigator family and while leaving an appointment with a less active their son asked us if we knew the Gonzales family. We said no and he took us to their house. We talked to the oldest daughter and it turned out they had met with missionaries before TyphoonYolanda, but after that the missionaries were gone. We made a return appointment for Saturday morning so all of her siblings and dad would be there. We went Saturday morning and there they were, all 7 of them, waiting for us. We were able to teach them and they were so kind!! Brother doesn't know how to read but he works hard so he can send his kids to school so that they will know how to read and that way they can read the Book of Mormon out loud to him. So awesome. We have such high hopes for this family and hope to be able to help them pick up where they left off before TyphoonYolanda. They really are the answer to our prayers and have been waiting for missionaries to find them.

Zone Conference this week was great as we got great training from President and Sister Maurer as well as the AP's. I always love learning how I can improve my teaching skills and just how to be a better missionary. There is always room for improvement!

I absolutely love this work and everything that comes with it. I hope you all have a great week!!
Sister Wilde

I am a true Filipina in my nanay dress heading to do laba.
I love these pictures!! Some of our batch at Zone Conference! President photo bombed and then Sister Maurer. Haha I love them!
We went on a mini adventure in the rocks!

It's not a true adventure with Sister Wilde unless I get hurt. Haha! I'm all good. No need to go to Manila ;)
Is she not just the cutest thing?!? We are BFF's. Sassy Alexa!
Yes, that guy is sleeping under his diesel truck. It's common here. "It's life" in the words of Sister Pangilinan.
The bridge!
The Bautistas!
Selfies while watching how to make ice candy!
Playing jacks while eating a banana. That's the way to spend a P-Day morning while also learning how to make ice candy from the Bautistas!
I sure live in a BEAUTIFUL place!
How is he sleeping you might ask? I have no idea.
There is a big letter coming your way Wilde family!! :)
I love the cards!
Got some birthday cards from my favorite Sisters! Sister Malu (blue one with earrings and pic) Sister Dumale (the big card)
And these are from Sister Clerigo and Sister Folau :)
I LOVE these books Mom!!
Got a way cute new bag for my birthday (Thanks Granny & Poppy) so I said goodbye to this one!
I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about my birthday but hey, the candles were too adorable.
And I was laughing because we didn't even have matches to light them! Fail. But I still made a wish ;) Don't judge how I look. We took these after a day of work!
These glasses though.
Here I am trying to be cute and creative for my Mom, but let's just face it...I'm not creative but I will go ahead and make some attempts ;)
PS Thank you so much to everyone who made me feel so special and loved on my birthday!! It really means a lot! And to my family, Poppy and Granny, Grandma and Grandpa Wilde, and Grandma Worthington!! I LOVED the gifts. I even wore the new skirt from G & G Wilde and the new shirt from G Worthington to church on Sunday. It was so cute!!

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