Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rain, rain go away...

Hello Everyone!

As I was reading Grandma Wilde’s email she mentioned that there has been A LOT of rain happening over there in Utah and I could say the same thing about things here this week! I mean, that's nothing new, the raining but man it has been coming down hard! But walking through flooding and being soaked is nothing out of the ordinary :) Plus, it is typhoon season so even if the typhoon is not going to hit us, we get low pressure and I almost thought on two different occasions we were going to have a typhoon! The thunder is SO LOUD we plug our ears and the lightening lights up the whole room! But enough about the weather!

We had surprise exchanges this week with the STL's and I got to be with Sister Papasin this time and work in their area. Their area is really different because it is the city but I was able to meet some great people and we got soaked in the rain which made it all the more fun ;)

We have been teaching one of our investigators Jebie everyday at the church before she has seminary and she is the sweetest thing. She has a baptismal date for the end of October and she is progressing great so far and always has questions :)

We have also been teaching sweet Rae who is a recent convert and she is awesome! She is already a seminary teacher and has really made so many changes in her life. I am so proud of her.

We met Mindy Mcquivy this week at the church as well as her husband. She is a returned missionary from here! She served from 1996-1998. She came back to help when Yolanda happened and she has come back again because she and her husband will be adopting a little girl from Bacolod. It was her husband’s first time here and she was the sweetest thing! She told us that she was hoping to run into sister missionaries and it was so much fun to sit and talk to her about what it was like while she was here. She was actually the first American Sister here! Her husband served in Salt Lake City, Utah and they are currently living in Kentucky, but her family is in Utah. They have 5 kids so the cute 2 year old girl they have adopted from Bacolod will be number 6. They were such kind people and she kept saying how blessed and lucky we are to be serving here and she is so right!!!

On Sunday a cute Lola (grandma) told us about a lady who would like to meet with missionaries that live close to her house, so of course when we get a referral we need to make contact ASAP! We went and ended up asking a lot of people if they knew a MaryAnn and all kept saying no so we were confused and thinking maybe we were in the wrong place but then finally someone said to walk down further to see her house then all of the sudden a cute lady came running to us and said, "I am MaryAnn!!" she just had the biggest and brightest smile on her face. We got to her house and my head actually hits the ceiling. Haha her and her husband thought it was pretty funny. We started to teach them and had planned to teach the restoration but as we starting talking with them we came to find out that her husband is a member and they went to church once over 6 years ago and we are the first missionaries to meet with them. They didn't go back to church because they don't know anyone. As we continued to talk we asked her about the feelings she had at church and what she wants to gain from us teaching her and as she was sharing with us the spirit was so strong and the impression came to invite her to be baptized. I'm always a little nervous committing someone to baptism, especially if it's the first lesson, but the impression was so clear and the spirit was so strong, and she said yes! It was as if she had been waiting for us to ask her. Brother wants to go to church, sister wants to be a part of it, they just need some help. She is so prepared by Heavenly Father and I feel so blessed to be one of the missionaries to help them.

We got a phone call yesterday from the Zone Leaders that Sister Pangilinan will be transferring! I guess you could say I'm a bit nervous as I will be the leading companion in this huge area but I know Heavenly Father knows where I need to be and who I need to be with! I can't wait to introduce you all to my new companion next week! Love you all!!

Sister Wilde

The Bautista's got a puppy named Shaddy and I love him! So cute!!
We are soaked from the rain!
After the rain I found this crab and after this picture it surprisingly reached back and pinched my hand. Ouch! Pero nidot kaayo siya.
Mindy Mcquivy!
Sister Pangilinan was tired. Haha!
These kids were carrying that little boy around in that box and they love talking to us every time we walk by. They are so funny!
Baby Grace Bautista! She is a doll!
Someone is tired!

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