Monday, October 19, 2015

Missionary work is the best!

Hello my sweet family and friends! How are all of you?! I hope great :) I'm doing great over here in the Philippines, still loving being a missionary. It never gets old :)

Did you all ponder a scripture this last week?? How did it go?! As I pondered my scripture this last week it gave me the reminder to always show my good works to everyone around me. Always be an example. My Dad once told me, "Whether you think so or not, or whether you like it or not, someone is always watching you." It's so true! As members of the church we have a light about us that people notice and we need to be an example to them. Let our light shine and glorify our father who is in heaven :) This week my scripture is Mosiah 24:12 "And Alma and his people did not raise their voices to the Lord their God, but did pour out their hearts to him; and he did know the thoughts of their hearts."

We have been doing a lot of finding this last week which has been quite a challenge but so rewarding! Sister Rodrigo and I are nervous going house to house but as we have been praying for help to open our mouths and have the courage, Heavenly Father has been leading us to where we need to be and know what to say. We were able to find 7 new investigators this last week :) They all have great potential. We really can share the gospel anytime, anywhere! We shared about families and how we know our families can be together forever to a lady doing laba is the hot sun. While sweating more than I thought was possible, squatting to be at her eye level, and telling her that God loves her, and loves her family, the spirit was there and she was touched. She told us to come back next week.

MaryAnn is doing AMAZING (nothing new) and they all came to church on Sunday! The cute Dacal Family :) She is so excited about her baptism and is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! We got to watch the Restoration video with her and she loved it and really loves learning about Joseph Smith. She is so thankful he prayed to know which church was true. She also told us she really knows Heavenly Father answers prayers because he answered hers to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, if the Book of Mormon was true, and if the things we were teaching her were true and the feeling she had was "the best feeling in the world." She is going to do amazing things and we look forward to the day when they get to be sealed in the temple!

Family and Friends, Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers, and as we pray to Him in faith, He will help us and be with us every step of our journey here on earth. I love you all!

Sister Wilde

The Dacal family at church! LOVE THEM!

Celebrated Sister Allen's birthday this week!

Had exchanges with my STL, Sister Compracion!!
Pics of my area!

We have some glow in the dark going on in our bedroom since Sister Rodrigo is afraid of the dark sometimes. Haha this is my Brooke side coming out. Haha just kidding I just don't want to sleep with the light on.

I was so scared. The sisters thought we should just leave him in peace. Um yeah...better not. (said in my fat Amy voice) He is resting in peace now.

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