Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blessed Beyond Measure!

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope great :) I am doing great! We had Zone training meeting on Tuesday and Sister Cailing and I gave our first training together! It went really well! Sister Cailing was really nervous but I was so proud of her :)

Heavenly Father has blessed and spoiled me so much being an STL here in Ormoc. I had the opportunity to go on exchanges in Carigara. Yes, I got to go back to Carigara, my 2nd area and work there with Sister Sungahid! (The follow-up trainer of my anak) IT WAS AMAZING!! I got to teach 4 of my Recent Converts there! I also got to see many members and their reactions to see me were priceless! The Quebec girls were adorable and let out the biggest screams and wouldn't let go of me! I missed them!! I also got to have dinner at Bishop Ragsags house, and Sister Ragsag made my favorite meal! THEY ROCK. They still have the letter I made them up in their front room. So cute. I felt like I was at home working in Carigara and I feel so blessed I got to go back! I even got to be reunited with my bff’s (Christine and Unice) and when cute Joemar Aguilay saw me, he couldn't hold back tears of excitement. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.
On Thursday we had a very successful FHE with Sonny and Marita. We have been thinking about dropping these investigators but prayed to know how we can help them, and if we should drop them. Through Sonny’s opening prayer in one of lessons earlier in the week, we knew we needed to come back and help them progress. So Thursday we did an FHE and our ward mission leader, Norman, joined us! He is actually an RM from here so we saw each other once in the mission and he's back here for school! The lesson was on the Atonement and the spirit was strong. We played fun games and honestly, I laughed so hard. The hardest I have ever laughed in my mission. #success. From the pictures you can see charcoal on the face was the punishment!

On Friday we had exchanges with our Sisters in San Miguel and I worked in my area with Sister Estores! She is a filipino but grew up in Australia. She is the anak of Sister Malu :) She is so cute and she doesn't know how to speak Cebuano so I ended up translating and the people couldn't help but look confused. Usually it would be the other way around ;) She is too funny and she said I'm more filipino than she is. Haha, she will get there :) We had a great experience as we went finding and of course while finding the kids started to follow us and of course we say hi but continue on. Well for some reason the spirit prompted me to keep talking to this little boy. So as I started to talk to him I asked if he was a member of our church. Why I asked that I don't know. He's 4 years old but the spirit was really directing me. He said they don't have a church but he would like missionaries to go to his house. So I asked him to show us where his house was so that we could meet his mom. So here we are being led by a little boy who might get in big trouble from his mom for bringing "Mormons" to their house. (It's happened before) Well his Mom happened to be a Less Active who we had been searching for since we got in our area. It was so great to find her and she was so sweet and we cannot wait to help her. Her husband is not a member which is a big reason why she isn't coming to church, so we really hope to help out this sweet lady and her family. Thanks to her cute 4 year old son :)

Church on Sunday was great and I ended up speaking in sacrament meeting. I spoke on Missionary work of course and I even shared some of Grandma Worthington’s conversion story :) It was really great and the spirit was there. Thank you Grandma Worthington :) Sister Cailing told me that as I was speaking everyone kept saying, "Oh man! Bisdak na siya!" Which means "She is fluent!" I guess you could say my language skills have improved as I've been working on a filipno accent. Haha! Sister Cailing has been helping me and I sound better! It's a great feeling knowing I am getting better even when I mess up a lot and sound "Slang".

I hope you are all still doing your ponderize scripture every week! I am! This week is Doctrine and Covenants 136: 29 :) I also just wanted to send my love to the Anderson Family. I got the news that sweet grandma Nancy passed away and I just know she is doing missionary work in the Spirit World. She is such a sweetheart who I have always felt so loved by! Randy, Cari, Shelby, Aaron, Cailee, Maddi, and Grandpa Anderson, you are all in my thoughts and prayers! No one ever really dies. How blessed we are to know the gospel and feel at peace when someone we dearly love, temporarily leaves us.

Sending my love!
Sister Wilde

Ragsag family :)

Quebeck girls!!
Aguilay Family!! :) Joemar isn't in the pictures :( but you know 12 year old boys. Gotta play with friends ;)

Fail Zone picture!
Sister Cailing and I gave our first training as Sister Training Leaders in Zone training meeting!! (That is a lot of training)
Elder Villaneuva! He is my current District Leader and we were in the same zone in Catarman!
Elder Simona and Elder Fakava. They never fail to make all of us laugh!
Sister Sungahid!!
STL life. Travel. Travel. Travel.
Justine (yep this is the cute baby named after me) is getting so big!!
Jeralyn is doing great :) :)
Sister Estores!
We may or may not be SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! Yes, I totally made snowflakes and hung them with dental floss.
Traveling to Ormoc!
I thought I was sneaky. #FAIL And when I looked at the pictures it kind of freaked me out. Haha

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