Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lots of tears, more happy than sad.

Hello my dear family and friends!!

This last week has been a RolLeR cOaStEr!!! But full of many learning experiences! Sister Compracion and I had two exchanges with the sisters last week. My first exchange as a STL was with Sister Malu!!! Can you believe it?! (I didn't have a camera at the time so I don't have any pictures of us, and the whole exchange she kept saying how she can't believe this is really happening. Haha she is too funny!) But it was so awesome we really were able to learn from each other and I also got to speak waray waray again! Now that was interesting! I spoke more Cebuano but when I got back to my Cebuano area, I spoke some waray waray! My brain!!! But I love these languages and these amazing people. I also had exchanges with Sister Bernabe who is going home in December! She is new in my last area and I helped her learn the area. She is, actually she was, so quiet at first but eventually became more comfortable and is not shy at all :)

We had the baptism of Mary Ann Dacal this last Saturday and it was AMAZING. She is the best golden investigator I have had in my entire mission. The spirit was so strong during her baptism and I could not hold back the tears! When she walked out of the baptismal font she gave us a hug and let me just tell you, those big wet hugs after a baptism are my favorite :) Sister Rodrigo and I also wanted to do something special for Mary Ann and so we made her a gift :) I really tried to be creative like my Mom but let’s be real, my mom is too talented when it comes to crafts and such but Sister Rodrigo and I were proud of ourselves ;) When we gave it to Mary Ann after her baptism she just cried! Bishop Delfin also surprised me and asked if I would give my testimony at her baptism since I am no longer in their ward and as I was able to share my testimony with them, I could feel the love and happiness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ right there in that room. What an amazing experience.

Saturday night us Sisters decided to have a Sisters Devotional since Sister Rodrigo asked me if I could give one. She would be going home in 2 days so I had to say yes ;) I gave a devotional on Christlike attributes and how it helps us as a missionary. As we had a great discussion about the Christlike attributes and how blessed we are to be missionaries, Sister Rodrigo couldn't hold back the tears. The spirit was so strong and as I saw how hard it was for her to leave her mission, I couldn't hold back the tears either. These Filipino people, all of my Filipino companions, all of the Filipino missionaries I serve with will always have a special place in my heart and I don't want to leave. (Sorry Mom)

We had transfer day yesterday and I got a new companion! Sister Cailing!! She is adorable. We have actually met before and talked a little bit! She just came from my first area in Catarman and I am happy to say everyone is doing well, and they still remember and ask about me! Can you believe it?! I love them! Basta, we are both new to our area and are new STLs so we will be doing a lot of finding, and a lot of learning together as new leaders. But I love her positive attitude! We look forward to the adventures we will have!

I will keep you all updated (syemps) as this next cycle is going to be full of new crazy adventures! I love you all and hope you are all doing great :)

Sister Wilde

Oh! This week my ponderize scripture is Jacob 5:47 :)

Mary Ann's baptism!! :)
Mary Ann's gift :)
Sending them off! :(
Sister Dumale made this for me! Haha my anak!! Love her!! She is too funny and is so sad time is going by so fast. She just transferred to her 2nd area and is a follow-up trainer! I'm a proud nanay :)
Sisters devotional! Notice my foot tan line? Gotta love crocs. All of us sisters here have one!
Junk food. Yum.
My sweet companion, Sister Cailing!
I love my Filipina sisters!! They say I'm a filipina too since I always eat rice with them and speak their language so we have no foreigners in Ormoc ;)

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  1. I love reading her emails and seeing her photos. She has such a beautiful smile and you can just see her glowing in every photo! I cannot believe how close she is to coming home. Can you believe you only have one more Skype call with her and then she's home? It makes me emotional just to think about it. <3