Monday, November 16, 2015

Training at the Mission Home!

Hello all! Kamusta kamo diha?? I hope maayo man :) This week Sister Cailing and I experienced our first MLC in Tacloban! It's a leadership meeting for STL's and ZL's in the mission home! It was fun! Everyone always talks about MLC so it was cool to be a part of it ;) Elder Means was so excited. Yes, Elder Means and I have been in the same zone since February...we are still going strong! Haha it is so fun being ZL and STL in the same zone!!

Sister Cailing and I have been doing a lot of finding like I have been mentioned and it is interesting! We have been rejected A LOT. But we just continue to have hope that because we tried, maybe other missionaries will try them at a later time and they will be accepting. We do have some new investigators Myra and Emmanuel. They have two little boys and Myra is the one who really loved the idea of families being together forever. When we taught her yesterday, she told us she read the pamphlet and that she knows our message is true because she prayed!! We even committed her to baptism! Her husband wasn't there at the time but we set an appointment so he will for sure be there! :) He is willing to listen. Especially since his wife is so encouraging! Wives have a big influence on their husbands ;)

We also have 2 cute girls who are investigators ages 11 and 13 but their parents are not members. They have 2 siblings who are members and their aunt and uncle are active members in our ward. Well we taught the two cute girls with their Mom and committed all 3 of them to baptism!! We really hope to help get their Dad involved and complete this family!!

We had a specialized training on Friday about promoting a new movie that is going to be coming out for Christmas on November 29th! It's called "A Savior is born" and it is so good! Please watch it and share it with all those around you! Christ is the reason for the season!!

We also had exchanges this week with our Sisters in Polompon area and I worked with Sister Balucos in our area in Ormoc. She is the anak of Sister Brereton and is hilarious!! She was sick Friday night from food but even while throwing up and stomach pain she said, "Even though I am sick I really want to work but I know I can't . But I am praying for the people we were going to visit and I never forget them or my purpose." She is awesome. And we were able to work the next day :)

It seems like my rat story has made many people laugh. I'm glad I can make other cry tears of laughter while I cry tears of fear. Haha no, just kidding. The rat situation is getting better. I'm still trying to overcome my fear.

I love you all!! :)

Sister Wilde

P.S. I received the CUTEST email from my brother Tate asking how he can share the gospel. FUTURE MISSIONARY right there!! :) Even if we aren't set apart as a full time missionary, we can all share the gospel :) It's every member’s duty to preach the gospel :)

My cute Filipina batch! (I'm so big. Haha)
Elder Gatil and Elder Dela Cruz This is the second picture we took. I told them we could take another one "so you two can be happy and taller." Haha!
They said, "Ah man. You are too tall Sister Wilde."
Traveling to MLC!!
Merry Christmas :) This is the tree in the mission home!
Elder Biador! We served together in my first area!
Took a picture of us missionaries who have been to the MRC in Manila!
Elder Griffin
So good spending time with one of my most favorite people Sister Brereton!!! :) She is an STL in  a waray waray area!
Look at this butterfly!
Oh look! It's Sister Talataina!! We sang Away in a Manger at the specialized training meeting.
Feeling the LOVE with these packages! Who has the best mom, dad, brothers, granny and poppy in the world?? THIS SISTER MISSIONARY :)
Some of my area!!
Cute Sister Balucos!
Nothing better than studying the First Vision in Cebuano while enjoying some gold fish!!

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