Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Slithery little sneaky snake.

Kamusta kamo tanan?! It feels like forever since I was last able to email! Even though it has only been 2 extra days ;) This week was so amazing especially since we had the opportunity to have Elder Ardern, the Philippines area president, visit our mission for mission tour. Both he and his wife gave amazing trainings that helped strengthen my testimony. The STL's and ZL's also had the opportunity to go to Tacloban last Tuesday where he he trained all the leaders. Sister Cailing and I were blessed and got to sit right in front. I was intimidated at first, but he is hilarious! He and president together are seriously the best. I learned a lot and laughed a lot. There is something Elder Ardern said at our mission tour on Thursday that I really loved. He said, "Sisters, you have 18 months to serve the Lord, and the rest of your life to look back and see how you served. Make it worth it." It was so powerful to me and I remembered the night I was set apart as a full time missionary. President Hadfield shared a story and said to me before I left, "Don't hold back." I'm so blessed to be a missionary at this time and really need to make every second count. This time is precious, and I couldn't be happier than I am right now serving our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This last Sunday we had a miracle...Marita came to church!! I couldn't believe my eyes! That may sound so bad but really we have been trying so hard, doing everything we can to get her to church and she finally came. She really enjoyed it and it was great because it was ward conference :) Sonny wasn't there, but she is really encouraging him and we really hope they both come to church this Sunday!

We taught Nanay NingNing the Law of Chastity this last week and the problem she has is the clothes she wears. Even thought she is 61 she loves short shorts and tank tops! She is too funny. When we taught her she knew she needed to wear modest clothes even if she was really hot. She told us she didn't know how we could do it! But she also told us she's thankful the Law of Chastity doesn't include having to wear clothes like the Muslims because that is too much. Haha I had a little laugh ;)

We visited Meriam and she hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon because she's been busy with her 2 little boys and work. We taught her the importance of reading even if it was just one verse every day. When we went back again, she told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon every night before she goes to bed! She rocks! We are so proud of her and she says she has the best sleep and thoughts because she reads.

Sunday night we got the transfer announcements and I was so scared because everyone guessed I would transferred. (By everyone I mean E. Means, E. Magtanum, S. Bernabe, and S. Cailing.) I felt there would be a change but I didn't think I would transfer. Well...Sister Cailing transferred. Yes, I have a new companion, Sister Lopez :) She is the trainer of Sister Cailing and is my going home batch! She is from Dumaguete and she doesn't like when I say her age so I'll just say she's 9 years older than me! But she sure doesn't look like it!! She's really wonderful and I look forward to this next cycle :)

In other news:

Elder Dingil is my zone leader again here in Ormoc! (He was my Zone Leader in Carigara) He is Elder Means new companion!

I held a snake this last week at our investigators home. Was I terrified? Yes. Did it squeeze my arm so tight that my hand went numb? Yes.

I fell again. I guess this area isn't Sister Wilde proofed. But I'm all good and have a nice scar on my knee ;)

JEBIE GOT BAPTIZED!! I taught her in my last area (Ormoc 2) and Sister Bernabe and Sister Lunar were able to finish the lessons and help her prepare for baptism. I couldn't be more proud of her and I'm so happy I got to witness her baptism! It was a beautiful service and she is amazing :)

Have a great week. Sending my love!
Sister Wilde

Held a snake this week.

Mission Tour! Remember Elder Balacano and Elder Gatil?? The four of us had a blast in Catarman :)
Elder Fakava and Elder Fehoko!
Me and my companions!! Isn't this the best picture ever?!? The only companions I am missing are Sister Rodrigo and Sister Minoza because they are both home now. But man I LOVE them all!
Sister Culangan is Sister Lunars new companion and Sister Lopez and I are now companions! I am still enjoying being the only foreigner around :)
I was able to say goodbye to Sister Talataina!! #missionaccomplished
Jebie!!! Just feeling so happy she was baptized!!!

Crazy birthday party!!
Tatay Takyo gave us those flowers :)
Late Thanksgiving! Best turkey ever. It was Sister Cailings first time eating turkey and she loved it!
Feeling excited for Skype!!!
My area :)

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