Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's getting plans are here!

Kamusta Pamilya! I'm so excited right now because I just got my Travel Itinerary! Say what?! I go from Salt Lake to Portland, then from Portland to Tokyo, then from Tokyo to Manila! It says I'll be in Manila for a month, but I'll really only be there for like 5 days in the MTC, so that's nidot! (cool) If my Visa doesn't clear then I'll be there longer and have to go to Hong Kong. Pero, they haven't had any problems so hopefully it stays that way! Basta, things are getting so real! :)

On Wednesday we had to host 526 missionaries! So crazy! It was fun though! It was also awkward because every missionary I had was bawling and I just didn't know what to say…yikes! I made them feel better and assured them that everything will be fine because they're only here at the MTC for 12 days!! (Which I think is a bummer!)

I get to skype to the Philippines next week and teach a lesson to a member over there! I can't wait! It will be nidot kaayo! (very cool) Cebuano is hard but it's going to be so awesome when I get it down. I can understand it really well surprisingly! Speaking it is coming slowly, but surely :) We actually taught a guy who got back from Tacloban 2 months ago for practice and he said we were so awesome which meant so much! I started asking him all about his mission and I asked about President Maurer and Sister Maurer and he said I will love them! He told me he was going to send President Maurer a message saying he's getting some amazing Sister Missionaries! He also prayed in another dialect for us (I can't spell it, starts with a W) since we'll speak that too, and it was awesome to hear! I could understand it for the most part so it will be very similar (Fingers crossed!) 

There isn't too much that happened this week because it's same old stuff ;) I've made some really good friends that came in 2 weeks ago that are going to a different mission in the Philippines! They're hilarious! I love it here at the MTC and I'm nervous, but so excited to go to the Philippines! I feel like I need to remind myself that the MTC isn't my whole mission ;) 

 I GUGMA (love) all of you!!! Have a maayo kaayo week! (very good) 

Sister Wilde 

Temple walk. I know I say it all the time, but I love these girls so much!! They are the best!

Sister Brereton! I love her! We may not be companions or live in the same room, but we talk all the time!
Sister Hayes, Sister Larson, Sister Wilde, Sister Harper

This was Elder Fonua and Elder Toani opening their packages from you! They LOVED it!! It was seriously the sweetest thing! Elder Fonua held back tears! He read the card, then came up to me and said, "If I could give you a hug right now I would, as well as your family. Tell them thank you so much. It means so much to me." Elder Toani said he loved the package so much, and that he has never gotten a gift that nice before. (Brings tears to my eyes!) Elder Fonua gave me a shirt from Tonga and I told him no no and he said said, “No Sister Wilde I really want you to have it. It's the most I can give, and I really want you to take it.” So nice! It's a sweet shirt too!

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