Friday, October 10, 2014

Last P-Day in America!

Today is my last P-Day in America!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited! This last week here at the MTC has been amazing! Duh, General Conference!! General Conference in the MTC is really the best thing ever. I'm sure you're all jealous ;) I loved every talk and took more notes then I ever have in my entire life of watching conference! Obviously I would listen, pero I would always wait for their name to come up again because that usually means they're close to being done, and this time when the name came up I was like wait no!

Basta, I want to share my two favorite talks that really hit me! First was the talk given by Dallin H. Oaks on Love. He said we should always remember and obey the first two commandments.

1. Love the Lord thy God
2. Love thy neighbors.

He expounded on both and what he said about loving our neighbors really hit me, because it's so important to love the people you will serve as a missionary, and I honestly already love the people of the Philippines the more I learn about them! They celebrate Christmas from September 1st to January 30th and I'll get there during rainy season! (Which is just as HOT!) I also got to skype to the Philippines last night and it was AMAZING!

I was super nervous but I just told myself to be happy and excited and to not seem so scared! I clicked the button to call and when she (Kiristie) popped up I just smiled and said, "Kamusta!!" And she laughed with the biggest smile on her face and said Kamusta back and we just started talking! My ka-ubans thing wasn't working at the time so I was just making small talk and it was so awesome! Then my ka-uban got on and we taught her about paglaum ug kakugi. (Hope and Diligence) It was maayo kaayo! (very good) She told our teacher we had really good Cebuano and that we shared a scripture that really helped her. (Score!)  She was so sweet and no doubt the other Filipinos will be too! I actually have a Filipino friend who is from Cebu and he got here this last Wednesday and he's going to the West Indies mission! Nidot kaayo! (very cool!) He was born in Tacloban and told us we will speak 4 dialects and that they are not similar. Awesome. He said Cebuano is the hardest. I was nervous when he said that at first, but man the more I think about it the more excited I become, and I know the Lord will help me if I do my best!!

The other talk that I really liked was Jeffery R. Hollands. (who doesn't gugma his talks?) He emphasized on helping the poor and needy, and being kind to everyone. BOOM! Philippines! Ah my District and I talked about his talk forever and we just got each other more excited!

Oh, Vai Sikahema (I can't spell his name pero he played for the Green bay packers so I'm sure you know who I'm talking about Dad) and he gave an AMAZING devotional! He said not only are we assigned a place to serve pero also a mission president! I can't wait to meet my mission president and his wife!! I already know they'll be amazing but I can't wait to actually meet them!

The sisters and I have been going through our things and packing up because we never have time and we have lots to do! I've loved the MTC, pero I can't wait to go to the Philippines! (In case you can't tell!)

Gihigugma ta kamo! (I love you all!)
Sister Wilde

This is the only picture I have this week, and it's from Elder Toani's camera. Obviously we are missing some people, but I will send more next week

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