Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tacloban here we are!

Hello pamilya!

After an hour and a half plane ride to Cebu, a two hour bus ride to a ferry, a three hour ferry ride, and then another two hour drive I made it to Tacloban!!

We spent two days with President and Sister Maurer going through some training. They are amazing people! I love them! Then Friday came and it was transfer day! We went to MacArthur Park and that was beautiful! We then got in a big circle and they said, "We will call up a trainee then announce their area, language, and then their trainer." I got called up first! What?! I've been assigned in Catarman, and I’m speaking waray waray-s. Caratman is the farthest area in Tacloban. It took us 7 hours to get here from the mission home. It's in the bukid-mountain/jungle. Holy cow! I had a feeling I would be speaking waray waray, and so I'm learning all over again. I don't understand a thing but everyone is so nice here! And the people in the ward tell me I will learn it as I continue to talk to them, and they're right!

My trainer is Sister Skey. She is seriously so sweet. She is 1/2 Filipino and lives an Island away from Tacloban. (I already forgot the name-oops) She is helping me learn the language and is so patient. I haven't met all of our investigators yet, but there is one family who are members that I just adore. The Sermento family! They are the sweetest people on earth. The Sermentos have 10 kids (3 have passed away) and they love when the missionaries come over. They are so patient with me as I'm learning waray waray, and their kids are so fun. They had us over for dinner last night and we had a dish called sticky rice. (I almost threw up-yikes) I ate my whole serving but dang was my stomach churning! I'm all good now! :)

Our apartment has many Lizards. We like them though because they eat the bugs. Plus, they are kinda cute ;) The kids here love me! And I love them! They follow me everywhere. It's hilarious! They see me from a distance and yell, Öy! Americana!" and I love it! People are also constantly telling me how beautiful I am which is so sweet, but sometimes it's creepy ;) The Sister missionaries that are Filipino call me Sister Adele
because they think I sing and look like her. Saying I sing like her is okay because she's alright, but saying I look like! Basta, Filipinos love to sing and they love my voice which is kinda fun. Basketball is also HUGE here! They are so good too! We were playing this morning and it was super fun. I wasn't bad either! Miracles happen!

I hope all is well at home! I love you all!!
Sister Wilde

We are finally arriving in Tacloban!

So glad to finally be here
Waiting for transfers
Here we are at MacArthur Memorial Landing Park
Panoramic picture of our group
My companion and I in our transportation!
We get around in these and man the people that do this are so strong! I'm so dako (big) for these but it works!
My closet
My bed

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