Monday, October 20, 2014

We made it!


The Philippines has my heart! I love this country and I love the people. I cannot wait to get to Tacloban, I leave at 4am!

Proselyting through Manilla yesterday was the most humbling experience. People told me to prepare myself for the things that I would see, but nothing can. We had two appointments, and their homes are so small. I'm not even kidding when I say a home that we taught in was the length and width of our couch. I promise. And you are just sweating, and trying to understand and help them.

Oh my, the KIDS!!! They love me!! It's so cute! When I was walking down the street they just hold on to my skirt and they want to know my name. I wish I could've talked to them but I don't speak Tagolog (yet), so I can't wait to talk to the kids in Tacloban.

I wish I had more time to email, but I don't. I probably will on Monday (I'm assuming) I love being a missionary and I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES AND THE FILIPINIOS. I can't wait to tell you more when I can!

I'm going to the Manilla Temple today, so that's awesome :) My District went to the immigration center yesterday and I talked to many people there. Only one spoke Cebuano but it was awesome to share a message with them!  :)

I love you both so much! Tell the boys I love them too! :)

~ Sister Wilde

Our last day at the MTC with our teachers Sister Whitehead and Brother Wilkes. I love them!
The bathrooms in Japan. So bomb!
We thought these were so funny!
I LOVE my district!!

Some random Filippino lady gave us this food and it was sticky and horrible. So fun to try though!

The BEST drink around for 40 pesos!

I'll get better pictures of these eventually, but these are called Jeepneys. They are all we ride in. It's crazy! You just jump in through the back. Traffic here is scary! Crossing the street is like playing frogger. No joke! It's a thrill! The Jeepneys are decorated differently and it's hilarious.

We got to visit a cemetery dedicated to those who died in WWII and that was so awesome!

I did it! I found an umbrella!

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