Sunday, November 9, 2014

I love Catarman!

What a week! I love it here in Catarman! I have made so many good friends and my ward is amazing! I love our investigators, and I love my companion!

Last Monday night we did FHE with Sister Salvacion and her family. It was so much fun! We talked about enduring to the end and it went great :) We are however experiencing some problems with Sister Salvacion, but we aren't giving up because I know she has the potential to be baptized, and to be an amazing addition to the Catarman 1st ward. One of her sons is a member, and the other 2 are starting to listen to our message as well. I love them and have faith in them!

One of our Less Actives Lilia, has officially returned to the church, and I adore her! She is such a sweetheart. Her son Jeo (age 16) isn't a member and we were teaching him, but we felt that he would relate better to the Elders so the Elders are now teaching him and he's progressing!! He makes sure to come and say hi to us every Sunday :)

One of the Sarmientos boys, Loriel turned 8 this week. So we took over food and a cake and celebrated with them, and Sister Sarmiento just hugged me and started to cry and told me she loved me and that I'm really improving on my waray waray. She's so sweet! I love that family so much and I can't wait to attend Loriel’s baptism! :)

Sister Rodrigo joined our companionship this week! It's been a BLAST. I love her! She's only with us until Wednesday and  then she will get a new branch missionary as her companion. We were walking through a village yesterday and there were some mean dogs barking and coming towards us. I remembered the trick Dad and Brother Dallin told me about pretending to pick up a rock so I did it and they ran away so fast! Sister Skey was so impressed! Haha she does it all the time now even when dogs aren't bothering us. I told her she can only do it when they're barking at us and coming towards us. She's so funny.

Sister Skey is always asking what America is like. She can't believe that we don't eat rice every day. She is too funny! The mosquitoes here are nuts. I use spray everyday and I still get bites! I have 71. I'm not even kidding. So it's painful, but I can handle it!

We picked up 4 new investigators so next week I'll make sure to let you know how it goes :) And waray waray is coming along....slowly but surely. I understand it better than I can speak it! I just need to keep being patient and keep doing my best!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Wilde

*Justine found out during her email tonight just how awesome the internet cafe's can be there in the Philippines. All of her pictures were wiped out! Her comment to us through email was-It wiped out all of my pictures. I am literally crying. I'm so sorry. I really don't like this computer place. I have to go though now. I love you and Dad a ton. I hope you have a great week. Tell the boys I love them too.

So sad, but hopefully she will get some more pics to send to us next week, and use a different computer place!

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