Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things I learned this week.

Things I learned this week:

- Fans are my new favorite thing.
- Centipedes here are 5-6 inches long. (We had one in our room last night)
- I can now make mango graham cake
- I love Banana Loaf
- Filipinos assume you're on a diet if you don't eat the HUGE portion they give you or if you don't have seconds
- I can bear my testimony in Waray Waray (I even did it on Sunday in Sacrament)
- Balut is not good
- My companion is terrified of Frogs (It's hilarious)
- Filipinos are so blunt and honest (Also hilarious)
So this week was great! I love it here, so much. And the people are amazing. I'm so blessed to have Catarman as my first area! I've made so many friends in the ward, and I love our investigators! I also committed a cute girl to baptism when I was on exchanges with Sister Anderson. I was so nervous, but I followed the spirit and she's going to be baptized on November 22nd :) We also had two of our investigators attend church on Sunday which is literally the best feeling ever. We were so happy.

I've really tried to be aware of the spirit so that I may be guided as to what I need to say when we are teaching. We were teaching Sister Salvacion this last week and were talking about temple ordinances. Her husband passed away 12 years ago so this was going to be great for her to know. We were teaching her and I started to talk about Temple sealing in my broken up waray waray, and I felt impressed to talk about the story of our family. I have a picture of us in my scriptures with me always so I pulled it out and began to tell her. I told her it's because of the Temple that my family gets to be together forever, and that I'm so blessed to have my amazing Dad in my life. It brought tears to her eyes as it did mine, and the spirit was so strong. It was a great lesson and I'm thankful for the spirit that was there. We taught her again a few days later and talked about baptism. She is a Catholic and she doesn't understand that her baptism isn't valid. We shared 3 Nephi 11 with here and gave her 2 Nephi 31 as a reading assignment. I also talked about Grandma Worthington and her story (cause she rocks) and I really think when we see her tonight things will go well :)

So....balut. What a gross thing. I thought I was going to throw up, BUT, I didn't. Score! One of my Zone leaders Elder Harvey starting chanting for me to eat it, and Elder Morley bought it for me so I had to! I can now say that I did it and I will never do it again!

I love this work! I love being a missionary! I love you all!

Sister Wilde

Laundry, I'm pro!

Trying on Sister Groshes dresses from Samoa!

These turkeys live by us, and my companion loves them.

The Sarmiento family! Who I dearly love! I told you about them last week.

She's so cute!!

I love this little girl!

Have I mentioned that I love the kids!

My first halo halo (mix it up-it has random things with ice-cream, like corn and stuff) I didn't like it.

Sister Merisol! I love her! She served a mission in the Philippines (can't remember where) and she's been home since 2012. She comes to appointments with us.

Us with chickens

Just having fun!

A soup that my companion Sister Skey cooked for me! It was good!

Walking through the rain.

At the beach

Some cute little boys we saw that wanted us to take a picture of them.

Cute girls I taught with Sister Anderson. The one on my right is the one who I committed to baptism!

Elder Morley showing me how to eat it.

I'm just trying not to vomit!

This is me right after I started opening it.

Elder Morley put more gross stuff on his. He loves it. Ew!

Drinking the juice

Me, "Oh yeah that's yummy" face.

This is Elder Harvey, Sister Anderson, and Sister Groshe. They love taking pictures on my camera

Go ahead and zoom in on that bad boy!

And that's Sister Rodrigo and I! She is hilarious. She stayed over at our apartment last week, and I walked out of our room and she's all "You have a pimple on your face." "Why yes. Thank  you. I can feel it." Haha so honest and blunt!
My first bite of Balut!

Learning how to make mango graham cake!

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