Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Hello Family!

Rain, rain, and more rain!! I mean it! It rains a ton here in the Philippines, but this week it has been especially rainy! We are always soaked!! I'm on my 3rd umbrella too! My first one broke from a storm, I gave away my 2nd one, and my 3rd one is good so we'll see how long it lasts ;)

We are also experiencing many changes with new rules and transfers! Sister Skey and I will be together this transfer because I'm training, which we are both happy about :) Sister Anderson left us yesterday to return home to SLC and many tears were shed, but we are so happy for her. Since she is gone Sister Groshe is in our companionship so we are back to a tri-some again! Perfect combination-the samoan, the filipina, and the americana. We'll be together until Friday when Sister Groshe gets her new companion.

As you all know the Gibiana children were going to be baptized on December 13th, but with the new rule they have to go to church for 4-6 months before being baptized. It's a rule for all minors who have no family members that are members. We are so sad, but know that they will be baptized next year even though we will be gone :( We still teach them and help them so that when the next missionaries come in they will take good care of them :)

Our investigator Sister Lyka came to church yesterday for the first time with her husband (less-active) and their baby. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw them walk in because we have been praying so hard for them to come to church, and our prayers were answered. It took a few weeks but that's okay. They came and they enjoyed it! We will be having FHE with them tonight and we are excited! They aren't married and in order for her to be baptized they need to get married and so we are working with them to be married this month :) :) I LOVE THEM AND CAN'T WAIT.

I had a cool experience this week as Sister Skey and I went to the Candy shop. We love the candy shop. This guy came up to me and in perfect english asked me if I was a missionary. I got all excited and said "Yes I am! I'm Sister Wilde and this is my companion Sister Skey." We continued with small talk about where we are from and come to find out he teaches english online to people in Japan. Cool! He then said to me, “I've been afraid to ask, but you are so nice and I'm overcoming my fear, how do I apply to be a mormon?" YES! I told him I would get some missionaries to visit him because he isn't in our area so we can't :( But we got his number and we texted him inviting him to church and he asked what he should wear and he came and LOVED it. He calls me Sister Olivia Wilde. Haha get it? Basta, I love when people approach us and ask what our purpose is. It's the best and we love telling them about our “job” :) It happened again a few days later while out to lunch. A lady come over and said, “I am just enchanted with your beauty, and I want to know what a beautiful girl like you is doing here in the Philippines?" Sister Skey and I laughed and told her what we do as missionaries, and she does the same for her church. She was open to hear about our church though and was a sweetheart. As she was leaving she asked me if I had a boyfriend, and wanted me to go out with her nephew. I was trying to explain to her that that obviously isn't allowed but she kept interrupting me saying it would be perfect. She left and Sister Skey and I laughed for a good 10 minutes.

The people in my ward told me my waray waray is getting better so that's good! I'm not all the way there yet, but I can understand it 80% of the time! :) I love being a missionary and I can't believe that it's December already!! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the snow. I'm not sad I'm missing out on it ;) Sending my love!!

Sister Wilde

I offered to help brother Sarmiento chop wood and I was horrible. Haha we just laughed and so this is me and him holding my best piece of wood. Also, when I looked up there was a huge group of people watching me so that was hilarious. I said I was Diri Mauphay (not good) and they all laughed!!
Floods are FUN!

I LOVE these kids!!
I love these girlies!
I love all the people I've met and the friendships we have!
Sister Clerigo is in my batch and she's just so fun!
This puppy looks fake, but it is real and I love it! It reminds me of Gracie :) (Get her hair cut before I SKYPE on Christmas)
 Working with the ward missionaries who are the best!

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