Sunday, March 1, 2015

You will never believe what I did this week!

FAMILY and FRIENDS - I LOVE my companion and my area! Of course it’s a bit overwhelming trying to learn a new area but I'll get it eventually ;) I can't remember everyone’s names but hopefully that'll come eventually as well ;)

Sister Pui is seriously the best. She is so sweet and we get along perfectly! We work hard and have fun. We've had some great experiences and it's only been a week! We've already decided we are each other’s favorite companions ;) On Thursday we did weekly planning and during that we got a text from a woman named Tes who said she got our number from the Sister Missionaries that are in Tacloban and that she needed 6 copies of the Tagolog Book of Mormon since she was in Carigara for work. We ended up taking 7 just in case and when we were waiting at the building for Tes a Petty cab driver approached us and said he's been Less Active for years and we told him of course he can come back to church and we gave him the extra Book of Mormon since he no longer had one. When we walked into church on Sunday he was there with the Book of Mormon we gave him in his hands :) SO AWESOME. Tes then came and she told us her work is teaching prisoners how to cook. Say what? The prison in Carigara is right across from the building we were meeting her at and we ended up going there. Yeah. We started talking to the guards and staff there then they asked us if we would be willing to teach the prisoners. We needed permission of course, and the Zone Leaders said this one time and only if we were safe. So we did it! We taught 25-30 prisoners. We talked about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. They were really listening and Sister Pui and I could feel the spirit, we were really being guided as to what we needed to share. Sister Pui told them that they can start a new life when they leave the prison and I talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. One prisoner had tears streaming down his cheeks. I felt impressed to tell them that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of them and as I said those words I could really feel Heavenly Fathers love for everyone there. Including our guards, some staff, and us. It was the best experience.

Another experience this week...I killed a chicken. No lie! Our investigator Jerelyn asked us if we would be willing to buy a chicken of hers so that she could buy food for her family. Of course we can't give them money and we want to help so we said yes. I really didn't mind because Sister Pui can really cook and I knew she could make something yummy with chicken ;) We went to her house and I have no idea why but I asked if I could try and kill it. (Thinking it would be small?) She said oh you know how? And I said uh no but you can teach me! Her husband then grabs this GIANT rooster and handed me a giant knife and told me to cut the neck. Sister Pui was holding the head and he was holding the feet and I thought it was a chop but no...saw. So that's what I did! It didn't die for like...5 minutes so that was gross but okay lang! Sister Pui did the rest! Grabe she knows how to do everything! Watching her pull out the intestines and clean it out sicked me out a bit, but to her it was nothing new. She's the bomb.

I'm still learning everyone’s names for investigators and such, but we have Sister Santa and Sister Aster who are preparing for baptism on March 28th! Tater’s birthday! I hope we can continue to help them and that they will continue to progress.

The language is different but I can understand pretty well! Sister Pui has been helping me and so I'm getting the hang of it :)

I love this work and being a missionary! I know I say it all the time but it is so true! I love all of you too! Take care!!

Sister Wilde

I asked Justine in an email what was the best part of her week and her response in total Justine style was, "Best part of my week was teaching at the prison :)  You know I've always wanted to go to a prison, and I got to go to one in the Philippines AN D teach them the gospel. BOOM!
My new district!! They are awesome! Elder Ramierez (purple tie) is our district leader, then next to him is Elder Barrientos (Zone Leader) then Elder Dy (yellow and black striped tie) then Elder Means (my batch) Elder Kaufana (from Samoa) then Sister Pui (she is happy I promise-just not in this picture ;)) then Elder Wheeler (the other Zone Leader)
Sister Pui and I

This is part of our area! This is going to a less actives home.


The rooster before....


Then the pile of blood after I sawed it's neck.

Pictures this week aren't happening because it is really slow and we need to finish up some things. So sorry! Hopefully next week it will be better! I love you both loads!! I can't believe I only have a year left! Time is going by too fast. I still can't believe James is home and that Cameron will be home! SO insane! Tell them both hello for me :)

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