Sunday, March 8, 2015

Biggest fear might be coming true....ugh!

Kamusta kamo?! 

This week has been a challenge! Just when I was starting to get better and feel really healthy again BOOM. Sick. Monday I came down with a fever and bad body pains. My Zone leaders came over that night to give me a blessing. Sister Maurer told me I needed to stay in on Tuesday and get plenty of rest. So that's what I did! Wednesday I still wasn't feeling better but we went out and worked! We were walking down the street when a man from inside his house yelled, "Hello Sisters!" This is a reoccurring thing so we didn't think anything of it but as we continued to walk we both just stopped at the same time, looked at each other, and went back. They ended up letting us in and they have a little boy who is special needs and is 7 years old. We asked them if we could share a message with them and they said yes! We told them we would like to start out with a song and so we sang Families can be together forever and their little boy LOVED it. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. His parents also had the biggest smiles on their faces. We taught them about the restoration and it went really well. We told them that it wasn't a coincidence that we turned around and came back to their home, but that it was Heavenly Father telling us to turn around because he wants you to have this gospel, this truth in your lives. We really hope they let us go back :) I'll keep you all updated of course!

Thursday morning I woke up still not feeling good. I also noticed a rash on my legs. It didn't itch or anything so I thought that was weird. As we went throughout the day it was on my arms too. Sister Maurer said I needed a Dengue screen and a CBC. What?! That's been my biggest fear in the mission, getting Dengue fever! Everywhere we went didn't have the Dengue screen but did have the CBC. We have had to wait until today (I'm currently in Tacloban) to get the tests that I need done. They of course had a hard time finding my veins so they did it out of my hand. It's been really hard being sick and not being able to work. I was feeling discouraged and praying for help. I was reading in True to the Faith the other day and I came across this, "If you are stricken with Illness, you may simply need to be patient and faithful." Heavenly Father answered my prayers through this one line. I need to be patient and faithful. I then read through some letters that I've received here in the field or in the MTC from family and friends and those letters really made me feel better! Some of my favorites include:

"Way to kick Satans butt by going on a mission!" -Kaden
"You know how I feel about you lots" -Dad
"I just want to kiss your face off!" -Granny
"I miss your face!!" -Mom (Like mother, like daughter I guess ;))
And many more! I am so thankful for all of the support and love I receive from all of you back at home! It really means a lot!

I am not sure what I have quite yet, but I know that as I am faithful and patient I will be okay and I will be able to get back to work!! I love all of you and hope you have a great week! :)

Sister Wilde

Remember that chicken from last week? Well here are the rest of the pictures.

 My new favorite food....SQUID. So good!!!

Our apartment

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