Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great :) This week we had exchanges with our STL's and I got to be with Sister Henry! She is the sweetest and I learned so much from her! We worked in my area and I felt a little nervous since I still feel new after being out for a bit with Dengue Fever, but I didn't get lost. I officially know my area! Woop woop! It's because there are no addresses :) It's all about the landmarks!

Wednesday night Sister Pui and I were companions again and we went to one of our new investigators, Sheryll. Her husband Jerric is a less active, and she really wants him to return to the church. And she really wants to become a member :) Our lesson was great and she always keeps our commitments we give her, which is awesome :) We taught her the Plan of Salvation last night and she asked questions and everything. I love when our investigators ask questions, it means they really want to understand and I love being able to help answer them :)

One of the recent converts in our ward is Sister Adolfa. She is hilarious and we have instantly become best friends. She's in her 50's and her husband is a preacher for a different church, but he is nice to us. Sometimes he will try to debate but I just pull out my Book of Mormon and he then stops and leaves. Hahaha. Basta, I accidentally called her Gloria in the prayer in our lesson. oops! Gloria lives right next door and so I had her in my head. Adolfa and Sister Pui started laughing then I realized what I did. I corrected myself and she still gave us yummy chocolate after our lesson :)

Jeralyn’s husband has been asking questions about the chuch and Jeralyn loves answering his questions. Jearalyn really wants to make it to the temple someday so that her family can be together forever. She's so sweet. She has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) and is currently pregnant. We call her baby Justine Kimberly. (Kimberly is Sister Pui's first name) and she actually likes it! She would love to have her baby named after us. She said what if it's a boy? And I said Justin works I got called that all the time growing up so no worries. Then Kimberly could be changed to Kim. Ha it all works out ;) Jeralyn also thanked me for being so happy and smiling all the time even though her house isn't nice and they don't have many nice things. I told her that didn't matter and that I really love them and am happy I get to be here with them at this time. I thought she was so sweet about it. I love the people here!!!

Now to Saturday... TATE'S BIRTHDAY!! I can't believe my little buddy is 11 years old! I LOVE YOU TATE!! :) Also, the baptism of Santa Claus Ponte! Yeah, you read her full name right. I was waiting until her baptism to tell all of you! Elder Wheeler baptized her and he is happy now because he can say that he baptized Santa Claus. He is such a nerd! The baptism was so amazing! The Elders had 2 families being baptized so all together there were 7 baptisms :) All those who were baptized shared sweet testimonies and Sister Santa was so nervous! She got up and looked and Sister Pui and I and started crying. She is so sweet. She thanked us for teaching her and helping her to become a member of the church, and that it is the best she has ever felt. Ah, I love her. She is amazing.

This week is the last week before transfers! Announcements are on Saturday! Crazy! This cycle flew by!! Sister Pui and I hope to have one more cycle together but we will see what happens! Love you all!

Sister Wilde
Sister Santa's Baptism!!

This is our church
On our way home from the baptism :) She was SO happy!
Sheryll and her girls :)
Kuya won this time and as you can see he is so happy about it!
These kids sure love taking pictures! Whenever we go to Jeralyn's I play a game with the kids called "catch the chicken."
Don't be alarmed, it is alive
Sister Sheryll has a GIANT pig
Trial this week-no food, no money, oh no! We unplugged our fridge because well...there is nothing in it! Heavenly Father has blessed us as members have been feeding us unexpectedly!
Future Missionary!
Meet Justine Rose :)

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