Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life is good!

Hello Family, 

This week has been a busy one, full of amazing experiences. I have really pushed myself this past week and even though it's been so challenging, it's been so rewarding. We did some finding and we were able to pick up 3 new investigators. One is a family. We have been praying really hard for new investigators and of course we have had some mean things said to us and people denying us but someone in the MTC once told us that sometimes it takes 4 or 5 encounters with missionaries before people actually accept them. I am thankful that Sister Pui and I still try and do our best because just maybe the next set of missionaries who talk them will be able to teach and bring those people unto Christ.

This Saturday we have the baptism of Sister Santa. She is so ready and excited. At church yesterday in Relief Society they welcomed the investigators and she leaned over to me and said next week I will be a member :) She is amazing! We moved Sister Aster’s baptism to April 4th so she can really prepare, and she's really progressing so hopefully we can continue to help her and address any concerns she may have. Jeralyn is doing good. We had a cool experience with her this last week. During our lesson with Rhodora (another investigator) I had the prompting to buy bread and take it to her. I thought it was a little odd so I just continued with the lesson. It kept coming to me. After the lesson I told Sister Pui and she said "I think we need to take our emergency light too. I've been thinking about them." We used some of our money we put together for food (Because I'm good at budgeting now Dad-proud of me?) and bought bread. When we got to her house they had no food and no light. How grateful we are that we followed the promptings of the spirit! She couldn't believe it when we showed up and she asked "How did you know?" And she realized Heavenly father answered her prayers through us.

On Thursday afternoon we ended up talking to a group of high school girls who were so fun and asked if I had a brother. I said I have 3! They asked what age and when I said one is 18 you should have heard the screams. Haha too funny. I showed them our family picture and they thought Kaden was good looking! Same with Carter and Tate but they are too young. We were then able to introduce our church and they had questions and were so cute. We gave them all a Restoration pamphlet and took pictures :)

Friday we had Zone Conference which I LOVED. President and Sister Maurer picked us Sisters (Sister Pui, myself, Sister Harper-MTC comp. and Sister Valestero. We are the only sisters in our zone) up to take us to Biliran and it was fun. Again, I love them! President always says the best things. I told him I was going to start writing them down and putting them in my group emails! He said, "No Sister Wilde!" Then we just laughed and Sister Maurer said, "Does anyone want another cookie?" (Which were delicious by the way) And President said, "Is the Pope Catholic?" Haha I had to share that one. (Sorry President)

This week with I have really improved with the language. We went on splits yesterday with the ward missionaries and I worked with Chenchen who is 19 and preparing for her mission. She is so cute and she helped me with some words I didn't know or words that are different than the waray waray in Catarman! I'm really getting it.

I love this work and this gospel with my whole heart. I also love all of you! Have an amazing week! :)
Sister Wilde

PS #HeLives comes out Friday march 27th for this Easter season! It will be an amazing video and will be the headline of youtube! PLEASE share it with everyone including on facebook! I can't wait to see it myself! :)

My best friends, Unice and Christine. I love them!! They told me yesterday I am their favorite missionary :)

Jeralyn and her little girl!
Too cute!
Zone Leaders to the rescue! Our apartment is haunted (I'm just used to it now and expect it everywhere at this rate) and so they have blessed it twice now so hopefully things will be okay now. But our Zone Leaders are literally the best!
I love my companion!

The group of High School girls we talked to
Sister Aster and her family! Her kids want to be baptized so we will start teaching them and her brothers heart is slowly being softened as he is supportive of them :) Sister Santa's children also want to be baptized :)
#selfie (are hashtags still big?)
Am I good at yoga yet Yara??
Sister Santa
This is Nanay Gloria! She is a recent convert and she is adorable! We always end up laughing for 5 minutes.
This fish is so good!
Elder Koufauna is probably the nicest person on this earth.
Sister Malicdem! We were a zone in Catarman!
Elder Cotcher! My first district leader! First thing we say to each other, "I thought I got rid of you when I left Catarman." Haha too funny!
Elder Maguale! He's currently AP and his last cycle in next cycle!! He is going to BYU Hawaii in November and he is the bomb!

Photo shoot with a petty cab

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