Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feeling better!

Hello all! I just got over Dengue Fever! Yay! It wasn't fun and the doctor said my body will be really tired for a few weeks so I'll need to rest every once in a while but I'm really okay :) Last Monday was kind of crazy though! After I emailed we went back to the hospital to pick up my test results and they handed me my Dengue screen results (positive) but they had to take more blood because of a problem with my CBC results. Awesome. We got my results then went back to the Mission Home. President Maurer looked at my results and said, "Well Sister Wilde, you better start digging your grave! Can I have your packages??" Hahaha thanks President. You're too kind. He's a crack up. President and Sister Maurer then left to Ormoc for a zone conference and we went to buy some fresh fruits (my favorite thing ever!) when we got a call from Sister Maurer. I answered it and it was actually President, "Hello Sister Wilde this is Sister Maurer’s secretary. (Again, what a crack up.) You actually can't leave Tacloban because the Doctor in Manila is shocked at your blood results and thinks there may be a lab error. He actually wants to talk to you himself." Woah. Okay then. Sister Pui freaks out because we don't have a change of clothes. Haha. I then talked to the Manila doctor who is super nice. Good guy. I went and got more blood taken from me the next morning (looking the exact same) and they just pricked my finger a billion times (3) to take my blood since they couldn't find my veins. Ouch. BASTA, I got to go back to Carigara later that day because the Doctor said my results were okay and that I just needed to rest!

So work this week was hard but we had permission to visit our investigators who live close by! I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN MY AREA. They are so amazing! Our investigators have been so worried about me and have been offering to do my laba, make food, anything! They are so sweet! They even attended church the Sunday we couldn't attend and came yesterday :) It's always a good feeling when the room you have in the church building for gospel principles class is too small! So many investigators! (Elders investigators included!) One of our investigators, Jeralyn hadn’t been to church before but we told her we would stop by her house on Sunday morning and she came to church with us :) I love sitting on a bench squished because of our investigators :)

Sister Pui and I also had a really cool experience while buying veggies at the market. (Crazy things always happen at the market. A pregnant lady just came up and hugged me because she wanted good luck for her baby. Haha okay, I'll hug you I guess). We were buying our things when a lady came up to us and started thanking us for the message that we shared at the Prison. When we taught at the prison there was one girl there. She was the one girl! She had been released with her husband and she just kept thanking us! She said they are really starting a new life and reading the Book of Mormon they received from the prison. HOLY COW. Is that not amazing!?! We are hoping they live in our area so we can go visit them! We're going to buy some stuff from them this week since they sell stuff in the market :) We have been praying that our message touched the hearts of the prisoners and that they would remember the spirit they felt.

I am really looking forward to getting back to work this week! :) I will for sure have pictures of our investigators next week because you all need to see them! :) Take care! Sending my love!

Sister Wilde
I love my companion!
My companion doesn't like how she looks in this picture because she is trying to have "American" eyes. Hahaha
Saw these cool flowers so....

Sister Pui made me bracelets out of them :)

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