Monday, April 6, 2015

It was a busy week!

Hello all! Well, I just got a new companion! Yes, Sister Pui is being transferred and her new companion is in my batch, Sister Malu! :) My new companion is Sister Minoza! She is in Sister Pui’s batch. So much batch stuff going on! Basta, she seems really sweet I just don't know her that well yet :)

Sister Pui and I actually missed all of Transfer meeting because we waited 4 and a half hours for a bus or van to take us to Tacloban. The meeting was at 10:30 and we waited from 7:30-11:30-noon. Yeah. That wasn't cool. I'm super sunburned now but that's okay! ;)

This week was busy! We had so many appointments one day that we went on splits with the ward missionaries to cover them and got 10 lessons :) It was awesome! Santa Claus is doing great :) She keeps telling me she is so happy to be a member! Aster was going to be baptized on April 4th but it has been hard for her to get to church. She told us that since it was hard to get to church her husband said that it isn't God’s will for her to be baptized. We told her to pray about it, and that we knew Heavenly Father would answer her prayers and that He knows what is best for her. When we went back this week we asked her how her prayer was and she said she wants to be baptized and feels good about it. YES! She is preparing and her new date is set for May 2nd :) She was at church yesterday and took notes and everything. She is so cute :)

We have been visiting a lot of our recent converts and they seem to be doing great :) Jolita is an older lady and she is interesting. She is not nice to us but she loves us visiting her and every time we share she says okay what else? We ended up sharing 6 different spiritual thoughts and I really liked it because it tests my scripture knowledge ;) Adolfa’s husband (the preacher) and I had an interesting conversation last night. It wasn't a debate, and he told me what he believed and I told him what we know to be the truth. He is interested in being taught. There is hope! :)

We also had ZTM this Friday and Sister Harper and Sister Vallestaro stayed with us for 2 nights since Friday was Good Friday so everything was closed and nobody was out. It was also Holy week. So, we knew who was not Catholic if they were outside their house on Friday and we were able to talk to them :) We had a girls night Friday night which turned into eating junk food, taking a billion pictures, putting on mustaches with eyeliner, and making videos.(I bet you're all wanting to see the videos, but you'll have to wait until I come home :))  It was so much fun.

Something I have run into a lot this week is mice and rats. Yeah, I saw a rat the size of Gracie! It's no lie! I freaked out. But yeah for some reason they (mice and rats) love crawling over my feet. Teaching appointments at night freak me out now and our investigators laugh because I squeal when I feel one. How could I not?? The truth is I really do LOVE my mission. It's running with a kite made out of plastic bags with little kids, chasing chickens and ducks, and killing giant spiders and cockroaches (because no one else will) and so many more experiences that will be memories I will forever cherish.

I hope that you all enjoyed conference this weekend! I get to watch it this next weekend and I couldn't be more excited :) I hope you all remembered our Savior Jesus Christ during this Easter season, and continue to remember Him throughout your everyday life :) He Lives, He loves us, He knows us, and He will come again. I look forward to the day when I get to be wrapped in His loving embrace. I hope you all look forward for that day too :)

Sending my love from the Philippines! 
Sister Wilde

PS Easter looks like it was so much fun! Briggs is adorable! I was worried he forgot about me. Also pictures will have to wait until next week, sorry!

Sister Brereton's mom sent me this photo that was taken this week at the Sister Missionary transfer meeting. It made my day seeing these sweet faces!

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