Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm going to be a Nanay!!

Hello family and friends!

This week is what Elder Mata (one of my former zone leaders) likes to call "P-day week". Sister Minoza and Elder Wheeler have just been super sick with stomach problems so we haven't been able to work. That is why Elder Mata and I are calling this week P-day week. Also, because we think we are pretty funny :) We ended up coming to Tacloban Wednesday night and stayed the night unexpectedly! It was kinda funny seeing each other in the morning looking the exact same just more haggard. President and Sister Maurer were so sweet to us as we and the Elders felt like homeless missionaries roaming Tacoblan. Haha. Sister Maurer made us dinner and it was so much fun to be able to spend time with them :) We also got to eat McDonald’s breakfast on Thursday morning so that was awesome.

Now to get to transfers! So as you all know I have been in my area for 2 cycles and Sister Minoza for 1. So on Saturday we got the call from the Zone Leaders that Sister Minoza would be transferring and that I would be staying in Carigara! Say what? I felt bad because of course I'm really happy to be staying in my area but I also felt bad because Sister Minoza was so sad. At church on Sunday I spoke and Sister Minoza bore her testimony and said goodbye. She prayed in every meeting and taught gospel principles to bid her farewell. The Elders and I were okay with her doing all of those things :)

Sunday Night at around 10:20pm we got a phone call from one of the AP's Elder Hughes. So of course we were nervous because it's late and he's the AP! Sister Minoza and I tossed the phone back and forth to each other until I finally answered it. He asked me how I was and if I was happy I wasn't transferring. He then asked to speak to Sister Minoza. I was then relieved, but only for a minute because he wanted to talk to me again. He asked me a few more questions and said, "Sister Wilde, the Lord has called you to be a trainer." Yes, I am going to be training a brand new missionary for the next two cycles in Carigara! I will be there until August and I can't wait to meet my anak :) Here in the Philippines if you are a Sister trainer you are called Nanay (Mom) for Elders Tatay (Dad) and of course the missionary you train is your anak :) (child) I saw Sister Skey today, my Nanay, and she's excited to have an apo! (grandchild) Haha it's kinda fun :)

I'm staying here in Tacloban until Thursday and Sister Malicdem and Sister Cerdenia will be my temporary companions until then, since they are the other two Sisters training. I also found out Elder Means is training so we're excited to train in the same zone! And just when I thought no more changes could happen I still had to pack everything up because we are switching apartments with the Elders! The new Zone Leaders will stay in our apartment and we will go to theirs. Also Sister Malu and Sister Pui will be living with us as they have been assigned in Carigara 1st and we are in Carigara 2nd. SMALL WORLD. Sister Malu and I are excited :)

I am sure the next few months will be full of challenges, good times, and many changes but I can't wait for what is to come :)

Sending my love!
Sister Wilde

I love Nanay and Tatay
I love my area!

I love halo halos
Elder Mata and I posing for our "P-Day Week" picture.
Darlene will be going into the mission field this next week!! California!
Celebrating eating BBQ because Elder Burton (next to me) is going home this week!
Sister Minoza saying goodbye!
Our awesome Bishop and some of his family!

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