Sunday, May 24, 2015

Meet my new companion Sister Dumale

Hello all! This week has been great! Monday to Wednesday I worked with Sister Cerdenia and Sister Melicdem in Sister Cerdenia’s area which is Downtown Tacloban City. And let me just tell you, it is for some reason extra HOT in Tacloban city. Holy moly! I felt and looked like someone was constantly pouring a cup of water on my head. We had fun being in a threesome and lost sleep talking about who our anaks were going to be.

Wednesday night we went to the mission office and we saw these 3 cute Sisters talking to some Elders who were also going to be training. (A lot of my Elder Batch is training too) We started to talk to them and you could tell how nervous and excited they were to be here. We then went to the Testimony meeting of all the new missionaries and it took me back to when I first came into the mission! Thursday morning we went to McAurther park. When they announce who the trainees trainer is they first say their name and then the language they will be speaking, the area and zone, then the trainers name. Well they ended up announcing my name first and my area and language so I ended up being the one wondering who my anak would be. Everyone just laughed since Elder Oaks (New AP) announced it wrong. 

But let me just tell you, I love my anak!! Grabe she is the sweetest! Her name is Sister Dumale and she is from Butuan Mindanao! She is the oldest child in her family and is the first missionary too :) She is a native Cebuano speaker but she is so eager to learn waray waray and so she is constantly asking me questions and I just love it! She is speaking way more than I did when I first got in the mission which I admire! This next week she will get to meet more of our investigators, less actives, and recent converts which I'm excited for. 

We experienced being punted on Friday and last night but last night we talked to our petty cab driver and he asked us why we go house to house and when we started to talk to him and tell him why he told us that he was confused about the truth and what religion he should join and that he once saw half of the Restoration DVD and wanted to finish it. We exchanged information and talked to him for about 20 minutes. We both bore testimony to him and it really was a blessing to talk to him. So even though we were punted, we found a new potential investigator. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father leads us to where we need to be and that I have Sister Dumale as my new companion. She calls me nanay (or nay for short) in the house and sometimes outside while working which is adorable but she catches herself and says Sister Wilde if we aren't home ;) She also calls Sister Malu Tita (Auntie) and it's fun :) I can't wait to see what this next week brings :) Love you all!

Sister Wilde

Right after we found out we were companions
Her first Sunday in the mission field!! The people love her!
All of us Sister Trainers with our anaks
Enjoying missionary life! She is already doing great :)
Love these Sisters!
We are going home batch!
Elder Barrientos went home this last week.
Elder Maguale went home this last week too!! Time goes by too fast!

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