Sunday, May 31, 2015

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Hello my dear family and friends!

This week has been HOT!! It really is summer here! I have probably sweated more in this last week than I have in my entire life (just a fun fact for you all) But hey, that's alright because I LOVE it here.
Sister Dumale is so great! She really has a desire to learn waray-waray which I admire and appreciate! She is a native Cebuano speaker (I may have mentioned that before) so I am remembering a lot of Cebuano and I have been teaching her waray-waray in Cebuano which is a blessing! I'm not even that good but I'm so thankful Heavenly Father is blessing me to have good communication to help Sister Dumale adjust to Missionary Life (The best life) and learn a new language.

I mentioned a few months back about an experience Sister Pui and I had finding a family with a special needs child and being able to teach them the Restoration. Well they were so sweet but they were not interested in having Mormons back in their home. When I had Sister Minoza as my companion we saw Reah (The Mom) and I had the prompting to just go talk to her. She was sweet just like before and we had a nice little chat about life. The next few weeks I kept getting the prompting to just pray for the Lumakad family. When Sister Dumale and I were working on Thursday I had the prompting to go by their house. We saw Reah sitting outside holding her little boy and she let us share with her! It was Sister Dumales first time teaching the Restoration and she did great! Sister Reah wants us to come back and I know that Heavenly Father has perfect timing for everything.

Not only did Sister Dumale teach the Restoration for the first time but she also committed someone to Baptism! Yay! Her name is Ruffa Mae and she is 12 years old and is the only member in her family that is not baptized. She is so willing and wanting to become a member and we have planned for her and Jushrei (Sister Santas son) to be baptized on the same day. June 30th :)

One of the Less Active families in our ward had us over to eat Kamotes yesterday because Brother is really wanting to make sure I eat everything Filipino and to make me feel at home because he still just can't believe I am a 19 year old girl here in the Philippines from America. Haha he is so nice and worried for me I think it's so funny. Basta, they committed to prepare to go to the Temple so Sister Dumale and I are happy and excited to help them prepare and I just love talking about the Temple and how grateful I am that I get to be with my family forever :)

Have a great week! Love you all! :)

Sister Wilde
I love my best friends

I love my anak!

We love eating at Nanay Auroras!

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