Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day = Skype

Just got off Skype with my cute family! Ahhh it was so fun to talk to you and see your faces :) Happy Mother’s Day to all :)

This week we were able to meet a member family who had just returned home from being in Samar. This sweet lady has 4 girls and her husband passed away a few years ago. They were married in the Temple but their children have not yet been sealed to them. It also turns out that their 12 year old is not yet baptized and man she sure wants to be! Sister Minoza and I look forward to helping this cute family be sealed :)

We had exchanges this last week on Friday and I got to be with Sister Papasin. My current area Carigara happened to be her first area so it was fun for her to be able to come back and of course the people loved seeing her! We had an amazing lesson with nanay Jolieta, she hasn't been coming to church for the last month. The lesson was so strong with the spirit and Nanay Jolieta came to church yesterday! We gave her a big hug as she walked in the door and told her Happy Mother’s Day :)

Saturday was a special day as Sister Aster was baptized :) We invited her husband everyday leading up to her baptism and he really did not want to come but when Saturday morning came around he drove us to the church in his petty cab and CAME! We were SO happy! He was able to watch her baptism and he asked for his own copy of the Book of Mormon and we hope to start teaching him this week :) His heart is slowly being softened and we pray for him every day. It would be amazing to be able to complete Sister Aster’s family so that they could also make it to the Temple :)

This next week is the last week before transfers so I may have a new area and/or new companion! I love this work and the joy and happiness this gospel brings into people’s lives.

(Sorry Mom and Dad this is a short email! And my pictures are taking too long to load so I will send them next week.)

Sister Wilde

Sister Aster's baptism!

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