Monday, August 24, 2015

Emotional Roller Coaster

Hello all! Well this week has been full of ups and downs! I have been doing physical therapy and it has been painful and great all at once. While having physical therapy done I was able to teach the Restoration! It was the coolest experience! One of my physical therapists, Renzo, asked me what I taught and he kept asking questions so I shared the Restoration and before I knew it there were many people listening! It was the BEST! Even though it is painful it's great because I get to share the gospel :)

On Tuesday night Elder K talked to me before I went to bed and he said there was a chance I could go home because my leg wasn't doing well and it would be better for me to go home and recover then come back when I was all better. I tried really hard not to cry but tears just welled in my eyes. I walked into my room and just started to sob. I don’t think I have ever cried that hard before. I just lost it and couldn't speak. I have a room to myself but Sister Jenkins was going to come over. I just started to pray and I was immediately calmed. Sister Jenkins then came into the room and asked how I was and I felt dumb because she was the one preparing to return home the next morning! I started crying again and she was so great to be there for me and help me feel better about the situation.

I had a similar talk with Sister K the next day before going to physical therapy and cried some more. I also prayed some more and realized crying isn't going to do my any good. I needed to have faith and get working hard to get better!! Sister K also gave me that gentle reminder :) I went to physical therapy and worked hard. Renzo couldn't believe I was doing heavier weights and doing so much. (It was not pain free!) It was then time for me to walk. I got up and had my one crutch and was doing okay then they told me to use no crutches. I put it down and I walked. I did it! I got so happy and excited tears welled in my eyes and they cheered for me! haha it was the best. I have the best physical therapy team ever. I am going again today and Elder and Sister K are really preparing me and getting me to keep working hard on it. Especially Elder K. I love it.

I hope to keep working HARD AND GET BACK TO TACLOBAN. Sending my love!!

Sister Wilde

The MRC district ;) But right now I am actually the only girl of 7 Elders. It will be me and 9 Elders by the end of the day!
I sure miss Kylee Jenkins!! Love her!
Sister Venzuala returned back to her mission and she left me this :)
Elder K challenged us, and I want to challenge all of you :)
I asked Justine in her email what the highlight of her week was, and this was her response to me, "The best thing was going to a home for children who are having surgeries for clubbed feet or cleft palates. They are the sweetest kids and I love them! I am going again tomorrow!!

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