Sunday, August 9, 2015

So long Cariagara, you will be missed!

After 4 cycles, 6 months, 5 zone leaders, 3 companions, 2 district leaders, 2 apartments, and 8 baptisms I am transferring from Carigara! I can't believe I am actually transferring. Yesterday was an emotional day full of goodbyes! I shared my testimony saying goodbye to my ward and I was doing so good at not crying but when I said I was leaving and saw the look on their faces and some with tears in their eyes, I cried! How could I not?? The people of Carigara 2nd ward will always have a special place in my heart. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve them. 

Now where will I be going? I am still not so sure! Transfer meeting is going to take place later this morning and I needed to email before since I will be going to Manila this afternoon. Words cannot begin to express the feelings I had when Sister Maurer told me I needed to go. Elder Means and Elder Esikia gave me a blessing when I found out and through their blessing and many prayers and fasting, I know everything is going to be okay. I will be in Manila for about a week and when I come back I will go to my new area with my new companion!

I think my next area is going to be Cebuano and so I am kinda nervous, okay I am really nervous but hey, I have been speaking waray waray for almost a year and Cebuano is what is on my mission call so I might as well give it a shot ;) I understand it great just speaking it fully is going to be the challenge ;)
Sister Dumale, my sweet anak and companion is officially done training! I am so proud of her! :) She is one incredible missionary and I know she will take perfect care of Carigara :)

I wasn't able to work at all this week so I am sorry this email is so little. I am so grateful for all of the prayers on my behalf. I can feel them here and I could not be more grateful! I love you all!

Sister Wilde
My last zone in Carigara
I love these women!!
Saying goodbye to Jemily (my most recent convert) and Dyna (ward member)
Sorry the picture is kind of blurry but Jemily handed me these two candies as she walked away with tears in her eyes! She is so sweet!
Saying goodbye to Sister Sheryll!!

Here is the card I made for the Ragsag family.
Saying goodbye to the Ragsag family! (My Bishop!) He wasn't home at the time but man I sure love them! They put the card I made them on their mirror. Haha they love the American flag! Also, their son got his mission call to New Zealand yesterday and I am so excited for him!!! He was working with the Elders so he also wasn't home.
We made the popcorn Granny send last night and it was yummy!! :)
Nanay Adolfa cried so much yesterday with me leaving and she gave me my favorite, fudge bars, as a goodbye gift. She is so cute!

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