Monday, August 10, 2015

I made it!

Hello Mom and Dad!

I made it to Manila! Elder Camiling and I made it safely and I would have died without him. Haha, especially with my luggage! The plane ride was SO fast!! An hour and a half na la. I also have been transferred to Ormoc which is not too far from Carigara and I will be living with my STL's that I had in Carigara. Small world. My new companion is Sister Pangilinan and we were in the same zone in Catarman for 3 months so we have become friends in this mission and now we are companions :) Oh, and my new area is CEBUANO. I knew it! I am looking forward to the challenge :)

Tomorrow morning I will go into the doctors and we will see what happens from there. For right now I am in the great care of Elder and Sister K. They are so sweet and they send their love to Jerry and Jackie :) They love them and so I just want to say thank you for giving me some brownie points ;)

A quick experience I want to share with you...on the plane ride here I started to talk to the lady next to me and it turns out she is from Ormoc!! The area that I am going to be assigned to when I return back! I took the opportunity to get her information in case she lives in my area because she is happy to meet with missionaries but if she doesn't live in my area, I have a referral for the other missionaries so hopefully some missionaries will be able to visit her :)

I love you both so much. We ate dinner tonight with a bunch of old people and it was weird and we are still hungry because we have no rice.  Also, I experienced culture shock today in Manila so yeah that’s weird. I think I will be way shocked when I come home next year!

Love you both!! :)
Sister Wilde

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