Sunday, January 17, 2016

If you go further...they will come!

Hello my sweet family and friends! How are you all?! I am doing great :) This week Sister Lopez and I had a successful week because we decided to go to one of our areas that is farther out (it’s about a 20-30 minute tricycle ride) and find some investigators! We were able to find 8 new investigators there within 1 hour! AMAZING. It really feels so good to find those people who Heavenly Father is preparing to hear the gospel :)
Two of our new investigators are Chris and Marlyn. They are married! (that is a rare thing here!!) And they have 4 kids! They are in their 50's and Nanay Coquillia referred them to us :) Referrals are the best! They are SO receptive and ready for the gospel, it is awesome! They want us to come back when their children are home so they can listen as a family. We can't wait to teach them!

Another highlight of our week was having a great time at the birthday party of one of our investigators. Her son is actually the only member in the family and he is serving a mission in Cebu, so she is just so curious as to why he decided to leave her for 2 years because she really misses him! I love when I get asked the question, "Why did you serve a mission?" It really brings the spirit when we have a chance to answer that and her other kids want to listen. At her party tons of people started showing up and they were super loud and crazy because birthdays are HUGE here! They couldn't believe an "Americana" was at Nanay Quigaws birthday! Haha! When they heard me speak Cebuano they became super excited and weren't shy to talk to me. I LOVE their language :)

Sunny and Marita came to church again yesterday and one of the Elders made a comment to me. He said, "Your investigators know more than some members of the church it seems like. They are golden! Can we teach them now?" Haha they really are the best :)

Today we are going to a Zoo and so you could say I am pretty excited. Just thought I would let you all know, pictures will come next week :) Also, this is the last week before transfers!!! AHHHHH. I honestly don't want to transfer! Everyone in Ormoc says I'm the "Eternal Ormoc Missionary" like what?? Haha but it's true! I'm now 6 months here in Ormoc but I would love to finish my mission here and make it 7 1/2 :) We have so many FHE's planned this week since the ward members know it could be my last :( But if I transfer, I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I just can't believe I'll be on my last cycle next week! Time is going so fast. I don't want to leave this place!

I love you all! Make this next week a great one :)
Sister Wilde

Sunny and Maritas little girls :)
FHE with the Coquillia family :)
Sunny and Maritas sad pet turtle. I fed him rice!
I will miss nights sitting on the floor giving a prayer of thanks for the fish and random leaves from outside. (I know that sounds bad, but it's actually really good.) This was at Sunny and Maritas.
Because who doesn't love tricycle rides?

At church!
Makeovers on a Sunday afternoon! Diomella and Doisella (in the back) will be baptized this Saturday!! :)

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