Monday, January 25, 2016

Lizards, and snakes, and fish oh my!

Hello everyone! How is everything over there in America? Things here in the Philippines are great :) I finally admitted to myself this week that the mission has made me pretty emotional or maybe it's the fact that I am on the last cycle of my mission!! I totally cried during daily planning. Who does that?? I started crying while planning for the people and realizing my time left as a full time missionary is short. I love being a missionary.

I mentioned in my last email that we were going to go to a zoo and well a zoo here in the Philippines is birds, giant creepy lizards ROAMING FREE, a snake, and fish that eat the dead skin off your feet. Could it get any better? Maybe. BUT it was so fun!! We all had the fish eat the dead skin off of our feet and the elders screamed like little girls! I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time and it was so entertaining! We decided that whoever had the most fish on their feet were the hardest workers and Elder Means and I took the prize! Everyone else said it's not fair because we are white. Haha!

We had our Zone Training meeting as well and it was awesome! Crazy to think it was my 2nd to last! The topic was Plan of Salvation and it was awesome. Heavenly Fathers plan really is perfect and we are so blessed to know it and have the knowledge of how we can return back to live in His presence. We also had interviews with President Maurer and the first thing he said to me was, "Well, Sister Wilde, you are going home!" That totally caught me off guard! But we had a great interview and I am so thankful he is my mission president! Heavenly Father knew I needed him and Sister Maurer in my mission and they have forever blessed my life.

This week Diomella and Diosella were baptized! They were so excited and so cute in their big baptismal clothes :) The elders had a little girl at church yesterday that is 10 years old and isn't yet baptized because her parents are less active and Diomella and Diosella fellow shipped her and were proud to say they were members of the church! Could they be any cuter?!?

This week we had exchanges with our Sisters in Sogod. From the Provo MTC to Tacloban Sister Harper and I got to be COMPANIONS AGAIN. THE BEST!!! We remembered our time in the MTC trying to speak Cebuano and now we were going around speaking Cebuano to everyone and sharing the gospel :) She did however have a weird thing going on with her eyes so we had to go to the hospital to get her eyes cleaned out (which looked super painful) but besides all that she is great :)

So transfer announcements will be coming out later today and I would usually have a feeling of if I am transferring or not and right now I would say I'm not but also I'm freaking myself out because I don't want to transfer. But whatever happens there is a reason for it and you will all get to find out next week where I go or who my new companion is.

I love you all :) Have a great week!!

Sister Wilde


I thought to myself, "Why is there a chicken in there??" Then I read the sign.

Yes. This totally happened.
Fish Spa


We only have 1 cycle!
Yes. President and Sister Maurer took us out to dinner!!! The fanciest I've ever eating in my mission. They are the best!!
Just hanging out with my BFF's

I just started my last planner!

Baptism!! :)

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